spend more time outdoors

With our ever-growing busy lives, nobody has got the time from their schedule to go out and roam amidst the beauty of nature. Even though many of us get weekends off, they are mostly spent at home frittering away time thinking that we deserve the much-needed rest. But if you really want to de-stress your mind and body, nothing but going out in the nature will help you. You will be surprised to see how fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for you.

So, the more time you spend outdoors, the more it will benefit your health. Even a daily walk in your neighbourhood or park can do wonders if you are consistent with it. After having a word with some health experts,  we’ve piled up some of the health benefits that you can reap by exposing your body to the early morning sun rays:

#1. Improved Mental health
Spending time amidst nature can actually improve a person’s mental health, as it helps them relax from their daily stressed life.

#2. Strong bones
Exposing your skin to sun will help increase the intake of vitamin D which would in turn improve your bone health. People who have low vitamin D might get affected with Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia.

#3. Cancer prevention
Though excess exposure to sun might lead to skin cancer, the right amount can surely prevent you from getting affected by cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

#4. Resistance to depression
Going out regularly will help you build resistance towards depression and you’ll always have positive thoughts popping up in your mind.

#5. Increased serotonin
Exposure to sunlight also increases the brain’s production of a hormone called Serotonin. It helps a person remain calm and focused, and ultimately boosts their mood.

Now that you know the benefits of sun exposure, let’s take a look at benefits of spending more time in nature:

#1. Exercise
As you consistently go outside, you will be spending less time sitting in front of your TV or computer and this will help you keep your body in good shape. Also, since you will be moving your body continuously, there are lesser chances of you becoming obese and facing its side effects.

#2. Mood elevation
No matter how much decorative paint and colourful lights you put inside your house, there is nothing better than being with nature. Natural light and surroundings will help elevate mood and improve your mental health.

#3. Improved concentration
If you are someone who gets distracted easily, you will definitely improve on your concentration skills by getting to know nature and its calm surroundings. Outdoor activities will definitely help you concentrate more and you can get things done more efficiently.

#4. Faster healing
If you are one who does outdoor activities regularly, you will recover faster from illness and injuries than a person who is always indoors even with less dose of medications.

#5. Benefits of outdoor activities for children
Gone are the days when children used to play outdoors till late at night and parents had to go looking for them and bring them home. Nowadays, they are hooked on to mobiles, consoles and computers inside the comforts of home. We are wondering for ourselves as to how advanced of a generation they are becoming by handling technology at such a young age, but in doing so we are actually neglecting their health.

The more time a child spends indoor, the more it will become harmful for their well being. Not only will it weaken their physical health conditions, but also mental ones. Children who regularly do outdoor activities are healthy, active and happier than the ones who don’t. When children are regularly exposed to nature and sunlight it will help improve their cognitive development, increase self esteem and resistance to depression and stress. Furthermore, constant outings will also improve their vision and decision making abilities. Children who love spending time in nature’s surroundings also have better creativity than the ones who stay indoors.

Now that you know what a good amount of sunshine and nature’s surroundings can do for you and your kids, we are sure you’ll be looking forward to going out and spending a nice day with your friends than spending long hauls at a regular bar gulping in a drink or two.

That being said, why not go out to some place you have never visited before and have an adventure with them? Maybe you could go to an al fresco, or for camping or a stag do; well, this will definitely keep your spirits alive while maintaining your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out, do some activities and get your heart racing again!