You may have noticed some spark briefly shooting off an electrical connection while plugging or pulling of the plug. Power cable manufacturers say that sometimes it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry about, but other times, there can be a serious trouble. If you want to know why your home electrical outlet sparks, then you land t right place! By knowing the reason behind electrical outlet sparking, you can reassure when the issue is harmless. Here manufacturers bring some critical reasons that you must know.

  1. Ordinary sparks

In everyone’s home, the electricity runs through available circuits and back out to the main grid without disturbance. When you plug in something, some of that very fast, hot power electricity transfers from the outlet into the device that is plugged in. An instant draw on available power happens that leads to sparking. This type of sparking is normal and doesn’t threat.

  1. Short circuits

When your electrical outlet develops excessive heat, the cable wire insulation gets affected and melted due to high temperature. Power electricity runs through exposed wires can result in fire mishaps, and when an electrical connection occurs, serious spark happens. You must call or take help of experienced electrician to address the issue immediately. On-time professional assistance can prevent serious fire hazard at your place.

  1. Age or water exposure

Exposure to water triggers a spark in a circuit and results in short circuit. A GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet will automatically shut down the circuit and prevent fire.

Other than this, age can also be a reason. Over the years, electrical outlets wear out and form loose connections. This raises the chance of a short circuit and sparking a fire. Even old, frayed appliance power cables can result in an outlet sparking.

  1. Negligent repairs

If you neglect or don’t take your damaged electrical outlet seriously and call unskilled person to repair the damage, it can bring big problems, either in near future or later. Any negligence for repairs can cost you a lot. It is always better to call certified electrician for all electrical repairs.

For additional guidance, you can reach to power cable manufacturers any time. They will tell you the best care tips for electrical outlet and power cables at home. They will also help you to choose the best power cable for the appliance and circuit you are using at home.