Mobile phones have taken a shift from being a luxury to necessity in today’s time. We all have smart phones and it is of a great use to all of us. Just like we can’t keep an empty home as we need to take care of the interiors similarly a mobile phone can’t be kept as it is. There is lot that we need to put in to make it even more presentable, usable and more convenient to us.

9apps take care of the interior of a mobile phone. 9apps provide users with variety of apps which help them personally and privately. There are many sections in 9Apps that provides a wide range of apps for personal usage. For entertainment, 9Apps games section is available. This segment has game of every type and kind. People can relax the mood from a tired and hectic day. The top rated games on 9 Apps are:

  • Temple Run 2: After the ultimate success of the first version of game the makers thought to create a second version. This version turned out to be even a much bigger success than the first version. This app only takes 74 mb of space in the mobile phone. The concept of the game is similar to the first version. What’s different between the two versions is the graphics of the game. The makers have made a lot of innovation in the paths and graphics. It has become much more entertaining now.
  • PUBG: This game is the most trending and played by millennial. The concept is simple, there are people in a war battle and they all have to find guns and kill every person coming their way. The last man standing wins the game. This game requires a lot of space of your phone (around 550 mb) but it’s worth playing. It’s so addictive that you can’t resist to play it.
  • Candy Crush Saga: This game is much played by kids and teenage group. This is an addictive and a full time pass game to play. It requires less space and not much of handwork is required. One just needs to make pairs by shifting a particular shape with the similar ones.
  • 8 Ball Pool: Much loved and appreciated game of all time. Millennial play this game with a lot of dedication. There is online competition in which they can take part and randomly one of the people gets selected as a competitor. Even offline playing is also available so two friends can play too. You can challenge your friend online and play a game. This has provided a wonderful pool experience.
  • Talking Tom: This is the best fascinating app for kids. This is not a game for adults but a game for small kids. The cat in this game repeats everything just like the way you did.

9Apps has provided with the best of everything to the users. This has helped a lot in making lives of people stress free and happy. One has got everything needed for them as a guide if they have installed 9Apps.