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Nowadays bloggers have become popular because they are providing the latest news and updates related to different topics. Blogger should Install Alexa toolbar to get the popularity. Are you shocking? And thinking that why a blogger should install Alexa Toolbar? Let’s know what are Alexa Toolbar and its importance for the blogger.

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What is Alexa Toolbar?

Most of us heard about the Alexa toolbar which helps to do the analysis of your website and collects data about a website like a page view, unique visitors, popularity, and traffic.

Importance of Alexa Toolbar for the Blogger

Alexa ranking tool shows the complete analysis of the website. So with the help of it, you can understand which things you have to implement to get a high ranking because the blogger has a requirement of the high ranking and traffic. Without ranking, they can’t get high traffics. To get a high ranking is very important because of some reason. Let’s see it.

1) If you want to sell your Blog

If you want to sell your blog, increase Alexa ranking which is required. Because buyers check all the Alexa ranking before purchasing it. So if your blog has a high Alexa ranking, you will get more price.

2) If you want to sell ad space on your blog.

If you want to earn extra money by selling ad space on your blog, your blog should have a high Alexa ranking.  Because every one checks the Alexa rank of blog and website before putting an ad on it.

Because of these reasons and other importance of Alexa ranking toolbar, bloggers should have to install it. With the help of it they can get a high ranking of their blog. What are you thinking? Install Alexa Ranking toolbar and increase of your blog’s traffic and popularity.