Cordless drillers are more popular and versatile, but impact drivers could drive screws at an astonishing speed. We would help you decide which the best for the shop is; some power tools are very versatile as a handheld driller. It makes holes in wood, concrete, non-ferrous metals, steel, drywall, plastics, and goodness knows what else. It makes threaded holes to accept a machine screw. It drives the number of threaded fasteners from the wood screws to drywall screws to the concrete screws. It, not only drillers specialized holes for pocket screws, it drives the screws themselves, and you are few steps closer for being a furniture maker and using a nut driver bit and any socket to zoom through assembly worker, tightening a bolt head or a nut. Some specialized drills have a chisel setting which allows the tool to work in a percussion mode without rotary action at all.

Some critical information to select the right drill:

  1. Cordless drill: this is a battery-powered drill or a whole maker and is also a fastener driver for screws, nuts and small bolts. It is also equipped with a clutch which disengages the driller drive train when the tool reaches as a specified amount of turning force. By disconnecting the drive train at the point, it prevents stripping the fastener head, driving the fastener right or snapping the button off right through a piece of wood.
    1. Where to use it: use these tools anywhere you need to make a hole and drive a screw, set a nut or tighten a small bolt.
    2. Mechanical insight: four things that determine the work these tools can do.
      1. Battery voltage: it ranges from 8 volts all the way up to the 60 volts with 12-volts and 18-volt the most common voltages. The larger the motor/battery voltage, the more substantial work these tools could do. Increase the voltages, and you could drill the larger diameter or some deeper holes, drive larger screws and tightening a bigger nut.
      2. ii. Functions: cordless drillers are always equipped with a clutch which allows the tools to drive or drill, but it might also be equipped with a hammer function which allows the tools to drill the hole in a hard surface.
  • Chuck size: cordless drillers are also equipped with the two different sizes chucks, 3/8 inch or ½ inch.
  1. Impact drivers: homeowners and professionals are like to find themselves using any impact drivers instead of cordless drillers, especially with the advent of bit sets with hex-shank accessories which are specifically developed to withstand the stresses which these drivers impose on a bit. Impact drivers are having high torque tools primarily used for driving screws and tightening nuts. Some impact drill suppliers develop the tools which are lighter and smaller than drill drivers. In fact, impact drill manufacturers are trying to get a tool which has similar functionality to increase the torque output than to a typical driver.