Hiring an Attorney

So you’ve been hit with a ticket; what should you do next? That depends on the circumstances of your citation. If you’ve been cited for something that’s obvious (e.g., a broken vehicle component), then you may have little choice but to pay the fine and do what you can to mitigate the consequences. However, if you believe your ticket to be unjustified, then you are well within your rights to contest it.

Sometimes the best question to ask yourself isn’t “Should I fight my ticket?,” but rather “Should I argue my case on my own?” You are allowed to represent yourself in any complaint or charge made against you, or you can enlist the services of an attorney. Here are some of the pros and cons of each scenario.

Representing Yourself
The advantages of representing yourself include:

  • Saving yourself the expense of having to pay a lawyer
  • Resolving your case more quickly
  • Educating yourself on local statutes

Remember, however, that the city, county or state agency that’s prosecuting you is not asking itself the same question. It has an attorney prepared to argue against you, with extensive knowledge of both local traffic and criminal laws as well as legal procedures.

Working With a Lawyer
Working with an attorney may cost you more than arguing your case on your own. Yet ultimately, paying for such assistance now may be more cost-effective than seeing your auto insurance rates go up or having to pay punitive fines. Plus, a lawyer offers several advantages for which there is no simple substitute, such as:

  • Understanding: A lawyer not only understands the law, but also the potential consequences you may be facing (which can be extremely helpful, especially in cases involving dui tickets).
  • Experience: Past experience with local court officials may help a lawyer know what their tendencies are (such as when they may be willing to work with you).
  • Resources: When you work with an attorney, his or her assistance also comes with the support of his or her law firm (along with all the resources it offers).

There are certain situations in life where it really may be best to leave things to the professionals. Given the unique knowledge and skill that alawyer brings to the table, contesting a driving infraction or dui charged may just be one off those times. Visit www.ticketclinic.com to find one in your local area.