best eyelinerTo deal with watery eyes, finding a suitable eyeliner is very important. So, what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Here are 10 best waterproof eyeliners that we would like to introduce to you. The birth of eyeliner is a HIT of in the beauty industry. Owning a bigger, brighter or sexy cat eyes is no longer a difficult thing when you own an eyeliner.

For a long time since its appearance, many types of eyeliner of different brands have been launched, from high-end to low-priced products to meet the beauty needs of women. Among the countless of eyeliner brands, choosing the most suitable eyeliner is not easy, depending on your demands and makeup techniques. Are you looking for an eyeliner for you watery eyes? What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Keep reading our post to find the answer.

What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?

#1. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Deeper
Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Deeper is the first suggestion for the question: what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes. Are you willing to pay 56 USD for an eyeliner? That’s right, 56 USD for a Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Deeper, one of the most favored eyeliners at present. If you have seen the video of Beauty Blogger Tati or KathleenLight, you will understand why this eyeliner is so hot. Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Deeper is designed very compact but no less luxurious with traditional brown and gold tones of Tom Ford brand. One of the highlights of this eyeliner is that it has two different brushes; one longer and one shorter that is suitable for all eye shapes, from basic makeup style to sexy cat eyes. Beautiful color, the ability to last throughout the day, if you do not mind paying a high price for eyeliner, the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Deeper is undoubtedly an ideal choice for your watery eyes.

#2. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Kat Von D Tatto Liner is one of our next answers to the question: What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Appearing a lot in the makeup videos, beauty magazines as well as a million hashtags on social network sites, this eyeliner made by talented tattooist Kat Von D is extremely popular in recent years. The brush consists of thin bristles that are tied together, allowing you to apply eyeliner easier and more accurate. However, one minus point of this eyeliner is that the black gel is quite blurry, you have to overlap 2 – 3 lines to create pure black. Although this product is quite difficult to use, the eyeliner can stay for 12 hours. That is amazing!

#3. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
Always listed in the best-selling eyeliners and rated 4.5/5, Stila Stay all day is one of the best eyeliner ever. Like many other eyeliners, it is designed very simple, but its quality is impeccable. The liner is thin and sharp perfectly. For those who still do not know what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes, Stila Stay all day is really not a wrong choice. Its adhesive ability is quite good, 6 – 8 hours for sweat proof eyes and more than 8 hours if you stay in cool place.

#4. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liquid Eyeliner
Tarte has not only top rated lipsticks and foundations but also high-quality eyeliner. Tarte’s eyeliner has a powerful adhesive ability throughout the day and sharply liner, helping you have the impressive eyes without wasting too much time on makeup. Combined with Mascara Lights, Camera, Lashes of this brand, this perfect couple will always bring you the beautiful eyes.

#5. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes? Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is exactly what you are looking for. This eyeliner of Maybelline is highly appreciated by beauty bloggers and make-up artists. As one of the oldest and most famous products of the brand, not surprisingly, it is still a must-have item of every woman. You just need to take a small amount of gel and draw a beautiful eyeliner, you will always have attractive eyes even if you stand in the rain.

#6. Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liquid Liner
If you still wondering about what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes, Maybelline HyperSharp deserves to try. It is really a favored cheap eyeliner of many beauty bloggers all over the world. The first advantage of the eyeliner is the ultra-thin brush, only 0.01 mm that helps you draw the eyeliner extremely natural and elegant. The second highlight is soft and smooth ink; it only takes about 10 – 15 seconds to absorb and dry, helping you save a lot of time compared the other types of eyeliner. Besides, the waterproof color can last up to 17 hours, keeping your eyes always beautiful without worrying about being blurred.

#7. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner
For those who love to draw both eyelids, Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner is an eyeliner which cannot be ignored. Soft lead along with a perfect smudge-proof ability, it is really worth buying. With six colors, you can feel free to make up in different styles, from cool, elegant to sexy. Finally, as its name, the waterproof capability is the reason why it is listed in the top best eyeliners for watery eyes.

#8. Wet n Wild MegaEyes Crème Eyeliner
With numerous types of eyeliner available in the market, it actually quite hard to find what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes. You have probably heard Wet n Wild lipstick that was considered a big fish in a little pond in the last year due to smooth texture, a wide selection of color and affordable price. Like the lipstick, Wet n Wild’s eyeliner is also quite cheap and easy to use. MegaEyes Crème Eyeliner is a gel eyeliner which is easier to use than liquid eyeliners, very suitable for beginners. This eyeliner also has a strong smudge-proof ability, and you will not have to worry about pouring sweat making the eyeliner to be smudged or blurred.

#9. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Black Liner
Another black eyeliner deserves a place in your makeup box. Owning a super thin brush, the NYX Liner will surely give you the perfect eyeliner that is not too small, also not too thick. Long pointed tip makes you easy to try many different types of eyeliner, from natural, dark-eyed tail, Korean to cat-eye style. Moreover, the water-resistant color of the NYX Liner is extremely an ideal choice for sunny days and easy to mix with other long-lasting eye shadows.

#10. Innisfree Always New Auto Liner
The last answer to the question of what is the best eyeliner for watery eyes is Innisfree Always New Auto Liner. Innisfree, a famous Korean cosmetic brand, has long been renowned for its products that made entirely of organic or natural ingredients, bringing the users better peace of mind. Innisfree Always New Auto Liner also contains vitamin E, helping to nourish the eyes and give you the hard-to-blur eyeliner which can only be cleansed with cleansing water. This product also has a variety of colors from light brown, reddish brown, brown to black, … for you to choose from.

Some tips to have beautiful eyes with eyeliner

  • Choose the eyeliner matching with your eye color and make-up style
  • Pick up a suitable type of eyeliner: gel eyeliner, shadow, liquid eyeliner,…
  • Choose the right eyeliner style based on your eye shape

For those who have watery eyes, finding the answer to the question “What is the best eyeliner for watery eyes?” is not always easy. Hopefully, with the list of 10 best waterproof eyeliners that we introduced above, you will still have the beautiful eyes despite harsh weather, especially in the summer.