Satta Matka is a type of game which involves betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton. It was originally transmitted from New York cotton exchange. It was originated before Indian independence and was earlier known as AnkadaJugar (figures gambling). During 1960s this system was replaced with a different way of generating random numbers which included pulling slips from a large earthen pot known as Matka. And perhaps this is the reason this game is frequently called matka gambling. It is not yet legalised in India. In India, it is considered as a wrong game and whoever is involved in this game is called a spoilt brat.

But with this game many people have actually succeeded in winning a large amount of money. They have become rich. And let me tell you the person who has succeeded in winning a lot of money through matka gambling is known as Matka king. In matka gambling, there is also some specific terms like satta matka daily fix number. Here are few other terms involved in this game. Let’s discuss each one of the terms in a bit detail to have good knowledge about the game but before that let’s know a bit about satta kings. Those people who have accumulated a lot of wealth because of Satta.

  1. Kalyanji Bhagat: He was born in a village of Gujarat named Ratadia. His family’s name was Bhagat which is a modification of bhakt. This title was descendant to his family because of a king and his religiousness. He moved to Mumbai in 1941 and did petty jobs like selling spices etc. But after sometime he came to know about this game and succeeded in it because of his mind and intelligence.
  2. Suresh Bhagat: Another Matka king from the earliest times is Suresh Bhagat. He was going somewhere with his lawyer but met with an accident resulting in his lawyer’s death. He somehow survived. During investigations it was found that his mother and son hatched a plot to kill him. He and his 9 acquaintances were arrested later.
  3. Rattan Khatari: Rattan Khatari is also known as Matka king from from early 1960s to 1990. He started matka gambling in the area of Dhanji Street in Mumbadevi where idlers used to wager on the daily trickle. But after sometime it became a big gambling hub and so many individuals and others started betting. On his friends request khattari also started betting and winning.

Here are the various terminologies involved in this game.

  1. Matka: This term is derived from an earthen pot which we use in our day to day life to store water.
  2. Single: Any digit between 0 and 99 which is involved in betting is known as single.
  3. Jodi: A pair of two digits between 0 and 99 involved in betting is known as Jodi.
  4. Panna: Panna is a three digit result which comes as a betting result.
  5. Open result or close result: The outcome of matka betting is known as open result or close result.

So, now you can play satta matka fix game today since you are aware of what it is.