spa customers

A business cannot really work until it gets enough customers. The true measure of any business’s success entirely depends on the number of customers it has. And when it comes to retail business, your patrons form the very fibre of your trade. If you are running a spa and looking to have more clients zooming in, then you have landed on the right page.

Mentioned below are some essential tips to increase the customers in your spa and to give your business a financial boost. So just read the tips to find out how you can appeal to them better!

Organise a loyalty program
A loyalty program can help you impress your customers. If you already have one in place, then look for options to spice it up a bit. While doing this, do not forget to keep it simple and schedule at least three massages in either the first or the second half. Dedicate this time to the loyalty program.  Take it from us; these half-day dedications will bring in more customers. Since you will be giving a minimum of three trials at discounted rates in a day, it is best that you keep all the necessary things handy and stored in a quality wham box. Networking works.

Networking helps in many ways. To promote your business, extend your networking with people around you. Go out, meet old friends and peers and introduce them to your venture. And yes, don’t forget to carry plenty of business cards to distribute. Don’t sound overeager when speaking about your spa. Keep your tone friendly and urge your friends to visit. When you see the word of mouth marketing working out for you, you will understand the true extent of the power of having strong networks!

Ask for referrals
When we are happy and satisfied with a service provider, don’t we take pride in spreading that name around?  Similarly, if you have happy clients, they might give your reference to their friends. But sometimes, people get indulged in their routine and forget to mention your service. As there are pretty good chances of this happening, instead of waiting around for the referrals to come pouring in, take the first step that will get you one step closer. Send an email to your clients who haven’t sent you any referral yet and ask them to send across some.

And yes, keep the mail short, simple and to the point. This strategy can also help you in getting your old customers back who have not visited your spa for a long time. Also, to motivate your clients to get you more references, award the referral points or some goodies. That way they will surely remember to do the deed.

Place a contact form on your website
Sometimes missing not placing contact forms on your website can cost you several customers. If you have not added a contact form on your web portal, then do it right away. At times, a customer might want to fill out his/her information through the contact widget instead of calling you directly to get an appointment. If you fail to include a contact form on your website, your potential customers will simply bounce to another website and might not return which no doubt will cost you dearly. So to capture more leads, check the incoming enquiries regularly and respond to them. Keep your website updated with information regarding new services and offers.

Use social media
Social media platform is a free yet essential tool to take your business a level up. Create an everlasting impact on your friends and followers through your work and reach out to as many people as possible.  You can even share amazing pictures of your spa on Facebook and Instagram. Whenever you add a new service to your business, don’t hesitate to put up a post or a story informing others about it All the shares and likes that you garner will only add to your popularity.

You can get in touch with a large number of customers and step into an untapped pool of new patrons. Running Facebook contest is also a great way to increase your client base.

We hope these tips will help you take your spa business to resounding heights. So without wasting much time, apply a few or all of these tips to market your spa and see the results for yourself.