Interferential Therapy

Interferential therapy is an approved effective therapy used by many of the physiotherapists in their clinics for giving relief from pain to patients. This therapy also allows a self-healing process where that helps you in bringing your body back to a normal healthy state. It doesn’t involve any drug and it is noninvasive.

When a patient is provided with multiple treatments daily with the Interferential Therapy Machine (IFT) then there is the high probability of the better results. In this therapy, the signals with high frequency penetrate into the muscle tissues.

The Interferential therapy is used for various kinds of pain:

  • Shoulder, back and knee related injuries and problems
  • Joint injuries
  • Inflammation and Edema
  • CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Injuries during sports
  • Trauma Disorder
  • Before and after Orthopedic surgery
  • Stiffness of joint

How does machine work for a human body?

It stimulates nerves on the surface and blocks the signals of pain. It continuously delivers stimulations deep into the tissues which help in reducing the swelling and inflammation that can cause pain to the patient.

This carries 4000HZ waves that penetrate in the tissues to overcome the skin impedance.
Around the injured part electrodes are places. Then the device transmits electric impulses in the skin in a minute through which the underlying tissues and nerves are stimulated which starts the healing properties. Theses impulse generated do not cause any pain that only creates a sensation of prickle on the skin. The frequencies have proven to act as a painkiller for your body which creates a self-healing process without using medication.

The therapy is very much useful for the following:

  • It safely reduces or eliminates the pain
  • It decreases the swelling and the inflammation noticeably
  • If the movement is lost in the body it restores them and also improves the restricted movements and coordination.
  • It also helps in stimulating natural hormones that help a patient’s body to heal faster.

There is the different effect of the frequencies generated from this therapy:

  • 2Hz allows short-term pain relief
  • 10Hz helps in benefiting the patient through boosting the immune system
  • 130 Hz allows long-term heal as well as anesthesia
  • 1-100Hz will increase the rate of inflammation
  • 45-90Hz of frequency will help you in sweeping the depress the nervous system and increase blood supply

Interferential therapy machine price is very much affordable for doctors and therapist to have it in their clinics. The whole treatment under this involves a lot of exercises for stretching the injured muscle, move stiff joints and strengthen joint muscles by which these therapies work effectively on the patient.