Health problems such as hypertension are now prevalent among individuals of every age due to a stressful lifestyle that is now being followed by the highest amount of individuals. Hypertension is caused by increased blood pressure in the aortae.  People now generally anticipate the wake-up call before switching their interest to their body that generally occurs in the succeeding phase of the troubles.

Hypertension is addressed in Ayurveda as Rakta Gata Vata. It is raised blood pressure in the channels carrying blood. Blood pressure rise relies on the physical movements and emotional conditions along with the increasing age, medical records, and diet of a person. A healthy individual’s normal blood pressure is systolic 120 mmHg and diastolic 80 mmHg. Ayurvedic hypertension therapy has best ayurvedic medicine for hypertension as it addresses the core of the condition instead of managing the symptoms.

Reasons for hypertension

The primary reasons of high blood pressure currently are the unwholesome diets and unhealthy lifestyle. Almost all food people eat processed foods or products containing chemicals to preserve creates digestion predicaments in the body. Digestion impairment leads to ama or toxins, excess of which also results in hypertension. The digestive fire or jatharagni digests the food for the production of plasma nutrients. This plasma feeds the dhatus or tissues of the body and helps produce healthy blood that circulates through various courses across the entire body.

However, the nutrient plasma produces digestive impurity or ama when digestion is damaged. When these toxins are stored in the heart cells, the cells become smaller. Therefore, the blood should eventually exert greater stress, causing higher blood pressure, to travel within these canals.

In addition, blood pressure increases also due to stress, fear, and adverse emotional sensations. Other factors could include a family history of hypertension, obesity, absence of practice, increased consumption of caffeinated products.


The simple indications of high blood pressure are,

  • Palpitations
  • Fatigue
  • Pain at the base of the throat
  • Vertigo

Ayurvedic high blood pressure therapy

The Ayurvedic hypertension test is designed to identify the core source and then use plants to remove the issue. To achieve this, it is essential to strengthen the digestive system and enhance digestive heat. The second issue concerns the elimination of toxins, which have collected in the blood cells. Finally, methods for mind soothing including meditation and pranayama are suggested to keep the mind calm and balanced. Hypertension therapy is extremely essential and all suggestions of a physician regarding nutrition and lifestyle are followed. Ayurvedic herbs for hypertension are also very effective to curb hypertension.

Advice on Diet & Lifestyle

  • Meats, chickens, table salt, caffeine products should be avoided.
  • Avoid tobacco as heart rate rises.
  • Increase the consumption of onion, lemon, garlic, Indian shrimp, sweet melon, grapefruit, cottage cheese and skim milk. Regular exercise is the finest method to reduce body stress and excellent choices include brisk walking, biking, swimming, and sports. Laughter has been the finest medicine because it alleviates stress, the primary reasons for the current population’s hypertension.