hard of hearing app

The Hard of Hearing is another name of the Deafness. In case of deafness, the person is fully Deaf means he can’t listen to anyone. But in case of Hard of Hearing, the person is partially deaf. There are so many Top Apps for the Hard of Hearing. Before the discussing apps for the hard of hearing, I want to give you that the effective information about the hard of hearing in terms of definition or anything.

The hard of hearing may be defined as “It refers to an individual person who has mild to moderate hearing loss. The person can communicate with the help of sign language, spoken language or both. If a person unable to hear well then this person considered, the person is in hard of hearing.

There are so many types of Top Apps for the Hard of Hearing as discussed below. These types of apps help the persons which are suffered from the hard of hearing.

Skype – Voice call or Video call, Instant Message App

It is free to use. With the help of this app, We can video calling and instant messages to another person. This app is useful for the Deaf person because when we talking to another person then we focus on his face, mouth, and his lips. The expression of the person’s lips and face, We can understand what they want to say. So, this app is very useful for the deaf person or Hard of Hearing person. This app is freely available for the Windows, IOS, and the Android users.

Glide – Video Chat Messenger

The Glide is the first choice of the deaf people. Because It is a famous video messaging app which allows you to the send super-fast videos up to 5 minutes long videos. It’s completely hands-free app. It includes the other elements like as group chatting and upload the videos to social media. It requires the minimum 3G or Wi-Fi. It is available for the IOS and Android users.

Interpreter Now

It is an instant video relay app and It is specially designed for the BSL users. The BSL users are those types of users which can’t use the phone. This app is similar to the NGTS (Next Generation Text Services) app. The BSL users communicate the other with the help of a qualified BSL Interpreter. They no need for extra equipment. This app is also available for the IOS and Android users. And It also requires the minimum 3G or Wi-Fi.


Normally, the Notes app is installed on every smartphone But That app is really handy for the Deaf person. If a person is in a noisy environment then he can’t quite hear what another person talking about saying. This app is also useful for the BSL users who want to communicate with the non-singers.

Mobile Banking App

The Mobile Banking App is the best app for the deaf person. It is best suited for those people who don’t like the going to the Bank and can’t communicate with other or behind the screen. Normally, The Mobile Banking app is used for checking the balance in your account and transaction of the money in simple few steps, Without the need to make any calls or speak to someone. This app is also available for the IOS and Android users.

Travel App – Waze and National Rail

The traveling and using public transports are the most tricky or difficult for the deaf people. There are so many types of transport difficulties like as nightmare catching transport updates and listening updates announcements. The travel app is simple in use and gives the effective information about the Waze and National Rail. This app is also available for the IOS and Android users.

NGTS – Next Generation Text Services

It is a most useful app for the deaf people or hard of hearing people. Because this app help to communicate over the phone via the text relay assistant. This app is especially handy for use at the work. With the help of this app, You can choose from the type and read, type and hear, And speak and read, speak and hear options.

Entertainment App

There are so many types of the entertainment apps which provide the accessible videos. Films, and TV with subtitles. There are not many demand apps which have the subtitles. But It is why action on the Hearing Loss are doing the subtitle campaign. The most wanted entertainment apps are like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. These apps provide the videos, Films, and the TV with the subtitles. These both apps are available for IOS and Android users.

SoundHound and Shazam

There are two apps and these apps are brilliant apps for the deaf music lovers. If a deaf person hears a song that the person like on the radio or at any concert, then these apps instantly recognize this song, and It will stream live on the person’s device. And these apps help to learn the new words and new songs quickly and easily. These apps are available for the IOS and Android devices.