Painting task may look like a piece of cake but its lot more than that. You may have the professionals for the wall paint, however, still there are many tasks that are pending on your side and only you can do them. One of the major tasks is to prepare the walls before the painters arrive. You may have left this task for the painters and there are few professionals who are ready to do this for you. However, we advise you not to depend on them.

Without any doubts, the experts for interior and exterior painter services in Greenville SC have the experience of doing the job more efficiently. To keep your things safe, it is better to prepare your walls yourself. Here is a list of things that you need to take care of before starting painting jobs.

Move Your Furniture To A Safe Place

Regardless of how careful your professionals are, there are high chances that the paint spills and spread around the room, on the floors and your expensive furniture pieces as well. Therefore, to protect your expensive pieces, it is better to move them somewhere safe. Do not leave the task on the experts as they tend to convince you to not move the items yourself. Even if they are careful about there work, one never knows what may happen and destroy your belongings.

Apart from furniture, cover the ceiling fans and switchboards with plastic sheets so that they don’t get dusted with paint spots.

Repair Imperfections

Look closely at the walls to find imperfections and take necessary actions to make your walls plain and smooth. If your walls have bigger holes, try to cover them as much as you can before the experts apply the paint. This is essential to get high-end painting results.

Remove The Wall Hangings

Wall hangings use for the decoration purposes, as they look so attractive. However, before you apply paints on walls, ensure that you have removed hangings and placed them in a secured place. After removing the hangings and frames, clean the walls properly to remove the stain and dirt or take help from pressure washing Service in Greenville SC. If you let the professional apply paints on dirty walls, it will be trapped inside the layer and will give you imperfect results.

Tape The Wall

Once your walls get completely dried after cleaning, apply the tape. Ensure that you use longer pieces of tape as the shorter piece will allow the paint to pass through the gaps. After tapping the walls, press the corners of the tape so that it gets attached firmly.

Apply Primer

This will help you get a finished look on your wall. Primer is applied to cover the imperfections of your walls and allows the paint to reflect its true colors. The trick of applying the paint primer is to use a brush and paint around the trim and corners of the room. After that, use a roller to apply it to the rest of your walls.

Professionals may offer you these services, but it is better to take charge of preparing your homes for painting.