Writing IIT JEE exams is often regarded as an uphill battle by many of the aspiring engineering students. Not only is the syllabus vast but the questions that are asked in the entrance exam are very tricky and thought-provoking. Students need to be academically strong, have adept problem-solving skills and they need to prepare effectively for the exam overall. Besides, JEE is one of the most challenging exams in the world.

While the exam has managed to gain such reputation over the years, the question that we often hear among students is what is the right way to prepare for JEE exam or how to crack the exam when the success rate is so low? Don’t worry! We will try to answer such questions in this article.

Well, we have to say that in order to successfully clear the exam, students need to have or develop a good preparation strategy. This is the main area where many students lack in, and this is the primary reason why they fail to make it to the top ranks. Having said that, every aspirant can succeed in JEE. That is the truth. Students need to employ smart strategies to prepare productively for the exam. Besides, getting the preparation right will help make the entire process a much more manageable task. Below we have listed a few JEE preparation tips that will help aspirants to prepare holistically and excel in these exams.

Fix Your Attitude

It all starts with fixing your attitude. You should develop a positive mindset and attitude towards the exam. You should not be intimidated by the exam and be discouraged. Rather you should focus on your goal and believe in your abilities or studying skills to clear the exam. Stay motivated throughout your preparation journey.

Know What The Exam Is All About

Do some research and learn everything about the exam. JEE is normally divided into phases – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Find out all the details about the exams such as exact selection procedure, exam formats or pattern, exam mode, etc. Once you have all the information, you should prepare accordingly.

Get Hold Of The Syllabus

In order to prepare well for the exam, get a hold of the syllabus and go through it completely. The syllabus usually contains a lot of important details including the course objectives, important chapters, topics and concepts to focus on, question paper details, reference materials and more. Knowing such valuable information will help you develop a comprehensive preparation strategy as well as fix a suitable timetable for studying.

Do Not Stock Up on Many Preparation Material

You should not gather piles of books or other preparation material for JEE. It might confuse you more. What you should do is make use of the right study material that will add to your preparation. Do some research or ask your mentors or experienced candidates which materials to refer or use. A good resource will usually cover all the important topics from the syllabus and have content that aligns with the format and style of the  JEE exam. Notably, when you are reading through all the materials, remember to understand the concepts fully and avoid rote learning.

Test Your Preparation Level

After reading all the materials and preparing thoroughly, you should test your preparation level. You should solve JEE question papers or take mock tests, and all these will help you to not only test your knowledge on the subject, but you will get to know the areas you lack in. Work on improving these areas and aim for a better result. Meanwhile, you should also conduct revisions on a regular basis.

Do Not Over Study and Take Time To Destress

You should also avoid studying for very long hours or staying up late at night. It could lead to dullness of the mind. You should take study breaks in between, get proper rest and take time to destress as well. You can go for a short walk, listen to music, etc. Also, remember to stay fit, both physically and mentally. Eat healthy food and engage in regular exercise.

These are some of the few ways in which you can prepare competently for the exam and come out with flying colours.