The Islamic way of existence, Islam is the call given to a faith that preaches peace, justice, and equality among many different features. It is a religion which makes no distinction between religious and secular life. The closing intention in Islam is to shape Muslims and their surrounding environment into a global that preaches the oneness of ALLAH in addition to the particular vicinity of the guy on this universe. The guidance of Islam is simple and straightforward, supplying the remaining guide for all Muslims throughout the globe. So what is the Islamic manner of existence is a question you ask. Allows taking a more in-depth in-intensity look at the ideas that outline the Islamic ways of life.


Fundamental principles governing the Islamic way of life


  1. ALLAH has created guy to be his consultant at the face of this earth. The entirety on this universe belongs to Him, and he is the creator of all. ALLAH has blessed all of humanity with the capacity to think, recognize and act with thorough information.
  2. The person has been created and sent to earth using ALLAH. This life is a transient one and could not be his final home. All things found in this universe ought to provide a whole submission to Allah by myself as he is the sole author of the heavens, earth and beyond. All Muslims must bear in mind that they will go back to Allah on the Day of Judgment and until then, need to bask in proper deeds and benefit the approval in their Lord.
  3. ALLAH has chosen the chosen ones, known as Prophets (Peace be upon him) as messengers to spread the religion of Islam. They’re the blessed ones, having the whole perception in ALLAH and imparting entire obedience to Him.
  4. The Prophets were dispatched to all the lands to preach the message of Islam. They strived and struggled to location human beings in the instant direction, far away from deviations. Many refused to observe the instructions of the Prophet and hindered far from the immediate path. A few believed after which went off target.
  5. The message of the sooner Prophets changed into finished via Muhammad (PBUH), who turned into sent down to Arabia by way of ALLAH to preach the word to the whole of humanity. All people who believed were amassed as one Ummah or community, living their lives according to the lessons of Islam.

What is the Islamic scheme of life?

Strong Relationship with Allah

The Islamic scheme of life is based mostly on creating and keeping a robust dating with ALLAH. Islam is a religion that commands submission to ALLAH in each issue of this worldwide. The Islamic regulation or code of behaviour is referred to as Shariah. The resources or references of the Shariah are the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. As soon as a believer accepts Islam, they have intending to differentiate right from wrong, evil from excellent deeds and restriction all of the one’s matters taken into consideration un -Islamic.

Follow Islam in each stroll of life

Islam gives sensible solutions for regular issues. As an instance, theft is forbidden, and for this reason, Islam teaches a way to keep away from theft inside the first example.


Give Zakat

Prescription of Zakat is obligatory for all affording Muslims. This is a way via which Muslims can avoid greed as properly remove hunger for the underprivileged.

Be an accountable character

Islam instills a feeling of responsibility amongst its believers. As we age, our minds broaden in one of this manner that we’re capable of distinguishing what is right and what isn’t always. The choice is ours and Islam has said actually that each believer might be held liable for the choices they make.

Practice Islamic Virtues in daily life

Islam teaches field in various aspects of lifestyles. Be it charity, fasting or prayers; each Muslim is continuously reminded of being in the right direction.

Islam is the faith of God, wherein submission to ALLAH with complete peace and devotion is essential. Islam teaches simplicity, obligation, practicality, and area in all factors. Therefore, it is necessary for all believers to observe the Islamic manner of existence so that it will achieve loyalty and rewards in the Hereafter.