Sun Shade

Summer is all around us bringing the scorching heat of the sun along with it. One thing that we really despise about the sunny weather is how readily it changes the color of our skin. No matter how much we invest our financial glory in purchasing sunblock products, one thing is up for definite and that without a good shade, our skin will befall some extent of damage.

Now, if you are someone who’s sensitive about how they look, it may kill you to wonder what’s the best alternative rather than filling our face up with all sorts of different chemicals. In my opinion, a good sun sail shade is one such thing that can fully help you to keep your skin cells far away from getting damaged.

But, choosing the right sun shade sail canopy can be a daunting task and that’s exactly why we are here. Let us help you pick the right one that fits best to your particular needs.

Coolaroo Triangle 10 ft. Party Sail

Planning to have a quick and easy way to get some temporary sun shade at your favorite relaxation spot? Look no further than the Coolaroo Triangle 10 ft. Party Sail Sun Shade. This shade sail can be easily hung across trees and poles or any other rigid structure for support. It is a UV stabilized canopy which comes with its own rope supports and gormets. The good thing about the fabric is that it is completely washable so don’t worry if it gets some dirt on it. Later, you can soak, soap, rinse and dry it up. It can stand windy weathers and blocks up to 90% of the sunlight. Planning to go on a camping trip or a beach side picnic? Get Coolaroo Party Sail.

Boen Rectangular 12×16 Shade Sail

You want to transform the environment in a cool retreat, then look no further than the Boen Rectangular Shade Sail. It is the best fit for your outdoor areas as it provides excellent protection from the sun. Not only that but Boen design it sun shade sail canopy in such a way that it cuts down temperature up by 20 degrees. Plus, the design is extremely sophisticated and designed with mere perfection. The fabric is made up of polyethylene material and is extremely lightweight. As the company claims, it is stain and tear resistant and can be easily set up in no time. The hardware includes polished metal D-rings so you can attach it at any place of choice. Plus, to set it all up, you won’t require any tool, installation ropes are already included in the package.

Khoma Gear Rectangular Sun Shade Sail

Looking for a sophisticated clean and sleek in design sun shade sails that get the job done for you? Look no further than the Khoma Gear Rectangular Sun Shade Sail. The sail is made up of a high-grade material, cloth of HDPE quality. The essence of the fabric greatly contributes in creating a cooler and comfortable experience even in the most sunniest weathers around. Not only does it help protect your skin from UV radiations, but it also create a special environment which is moist free. You can take it anywhere you want with you and you can also wash it if it gets dirty while using it in pool areas or gardens. All four corners are covered with circular ring hooks for easy installation.

Hammaka Triangle Sun Shade Sail

This 7×4 triangle sun shade sail adds the perfect shade element to your backyard or patio. By creating a shade which is relatively easier to set up, Hammaka fills up and complements some of the best outdoor decor with its sophisticated design. You can set this type of sun shade sail at any particular area you want, specifically in your outdoor settings. It comes with multiple colors and have the capacity to blockout UV radiation as high as up to 90%. So, sit back and relax! Enjoy the beauty of your sunny days under a temperature controlled environment. All thanks to Hammaka Triangle Sun Shade.

So these are my picks for the week! Which of these shade sails do you find interesting? Let us know by popping in your feedback. See you next week, Adios.