When one is pregnant, then the mother has to be super careful of what they do and what not. In pregnancy, one needs to make some healthy choices when it comes to lifestyle and taking some extra precautions is always a good idea.

Getting affected by infections in pregnancy is a very common thing as the body remains vulnerable in this tenure. But if someone makes a few lifestyle changes and follow it as a routine then it can be avoided as well.

Here are a few things that one can follow:

  • Washing hands often before and after doing some regular activities is a very healthy habit. It is the best way by which a pregnant lady can remove germs from their hands and can avoid getting infected and sick. One can use hand wash and water for regular wash and if they are outside and running water is not available, then one can go for the alcohol based hand gel which is very effective.
  • In pregnancy, one should eat food which is well cooked. When they are cooking meat then it has to be well done. When one is pregnant, they should not eat luncheon meats, hot dogs, deli meats or things like that unless they are reheated or they are steaming hot. Processed meats and uncooked meats can contain harmful bacteria and this Listeria can cause a lot of harm to a pregnant woman. One also needs to avoid unpasteurised milk when they are pregnant. Also one should not eat brie, feta and queso fresco unless it is mentioned in the pack that they are pasteurised. Unpasteurised products can contain a lot of harmful bacteria which can cause infection in a pregnant lady.
  • Before taking any kind of vaccinations, get properly treated by an experienced gynaecologist. There are some which are recommended before one gets pregnant and some during pregnancy. Some vaccinations are also done after the delivery of the baby. Getting the right vaccination at the right time can keep the mother healthy. Not only that, it can stop the baby from getting sick when they are inside the womb. Flu and Tdap vaccines are very important for pregnant mothers.
  • One has to get tested if they have HIV, Hepatitis B or sexually transmitted infections and if the result is positive then one needs to get proper treatment for this so that the mother can prevent spreading the disease to the baby. By doing this, the baby has less chance of getting sick.
  • Pregnant mothers need to avoid people who have any infection. Stay away from people who one knows to have infections like chickenpox or rubella because if the pregnant woman have not yet had it before or did not have the vaccine before pregnancy then they can catch it anytime. If one goes for the infection treatment during pregnancy to the doctor then this will be advised primarily.

One should also take vitamins and other medicines only if they are prescribed by the doctor.