Potential Customers

Companies nowadays prefer online e-commerce portals to make sure their business develops on this mechanism. There are many ways in which a company can make sure that it is making a giant stride by jumping on the bandwagon but there is no shortcut to success. There are many strategies and tactics in which a company need to focus on.

That’s why companies now look toward other vistas too to make their business grow. And social media platforms is definitely one of them. The online marketing scenario has reached a point where most of the population of the world now use social media platforms.

While there is no way that the importance of e-commerce portals has lessened as anyone will find a number of searches for web design agency keyword on Google. But it is a foregone conclusion that social media is now in the lead in the race of dominance for a making a business click in the right manner.

Instagram and Snapchat Lead the Way in Making a Brand Powerful
People using the Internet in both UAE and KSA are now more open to online advertising than just a few years ago. Most of the people in these countries are now connected to the Internet and online shopping form top companies like Amazon is a norm now.

The rise in the number of people using social media platforms worldwide is on a steady rise over the last 5 years or so but now there are more people in US/Canada who reject an offer from brands on social media. That amount is to the tune of 26% but in KSA and UAE just around 15% people totally ignore these messages. People living in the UAE and the overall Gulf countries are way ahead of using platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to their advantage with many businesses using them aptly to the best of its use.

The attitude of people towards online brand promotions in the UAE and Gulf countries like KSA is very positive, to say the least. The main challenge for companies now is how to focus the right content to the right people, on the platforms and bang on the right moment for optimum impact.

A Turning Point in the Digital Business Environment
With social media platforms making a killing at the global business scene, the question is now how much you can leverage from the social media platforms. The role of the advertisers on behalf of their customers is now very important as now they need to consider ore channels and understand which platform to they want to target. This is one challenge for advertisers that is also an exciting time for them.

The online adverting is now the de facto way of making sure that any business can lure its customers provided their strategy regarding the target market and featured product is aligned. Otherwise, all the investment and hard work will be wasted as fast as products rise on these platforms, they also fell too very sharply.