Tumours are the swelling of a body part or organ which is caused by abnormal cell growth- benign or malignant. If the tumour is in the brain then it is called brain tumour. Brain tumours often affect other body parts as well. For instance, if you have a tumour in the part of your brain which controls speech you may feel speech impairment or other related problems. Here are some signs that indicate you may have a brain tumour.



If you feel that a body part or a part of your face is becoming numb often then please visit a doctor. You may have developed a tumour on the brain stem, where your brain and spinal cord connect.


Seizures are one of the main symptoms of brain tumours. The tumour prohibits the brain from doing its work normally. The tumour causes the neurons to behave abnormally. That’s why many brain tumours’ patients encounter seizures. There can be different types of seizures like convulsions in the whole body, uncontrollable jerking in the body etc.  There are many doctors who provide the best treatment for brain tumour in India.


Clumsiness may appear funny.            But if someone is experiencing clumsiness more often in recent times he or she may have developed a brain tumour. Often clumsy a ts like missing steps, struggle for balance or inability to hold anything by hand indicate about the brain tumour.


If you feel nausea very often then there is a strong chance of a brain tumour. Nausea is among the initial signs in these cases.


If you encounter blurry vision or double vision or loss of vision although you have healthy eyesight please consult your doctor immediately. Brain tumour patients also see colourful spots or shapes that float. You may need surgery to remove the tumour. The cost of brain tumour surgery in India is now affordable and hence you do not need to worry about expenditure.


A brain tumour may cause a great change in someone’s memory or behaviour. If you feel that you are forgetting things and facts frequently or becoming confused more often then you have a slight chance of developing a brain tumour.


If you have severe headaches and that is not going away with medication then you may have developed brain tumour. But, that does not mean a regular headache is that much scary.

  • You cannot sleep properly.
  • You get fatigued easily.
  • You feel drowsier.
  • You cannot look upwards. If you try you get a sharp pain in the forehead or in other parts of your head.
  • Women often experience abnormal lactation(milk production) or irregular menstruation if they have a brain tumour.
  • You cannot swallow or eat food properly.
  • You feel difficult to take breaths.

All of these symptoms can indicate a brain tumour. If you encounter any of these symptoms you need to book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.