kitchen designs

When people decide to remodel their kitchen, they tend to spend many hours seeking the right inspiration for their kitchen remodel. But this certainly does not mean that they have it all figured out. In fact, if anything, it is going to get even more confusing as everything suddenly seems a lot more complicated!

People usually do not have a single most favourite design. If you are one of those people, you might be wondering whether you suffer from a split personality but don’t worry, it’s certainly rather normal. The most challenging part of any design process is learning how to narrow down your options. It is the same when designing your dream kitchen.

Some interior design companies make it look easy, but the process of establishing exactly what their client wants is challenging even for them at first, especially if the client does not know where to start.

Put simply to understand the process of designing (kitchen designs in this case), here’s what you need to do.

Collect Images At Random
Start with collecting images that connect with you emotionally, without you having to think why that’s the case. There is a pattern there, you may not be able to decipher it just yet, but soon enough a pattern will start to emerge.

After deciding upon a particular style for your kitchen, do not scrap the rest of your research. Instead, add everything else to an idea-book for a future farmhouse or weekend gateway. But don’t scrap these ideas just because they are not related to your current project, so save them for later.

Do Not Edit Just Yet
Don’t pressurise yourself just yet by trying to edit as soon as you start collecting the items. Look to collect in abandon first and edit later. If you start editing your design while you are still collecting ideas, you are most likely putting handbrakes on the extent of your creativity.

It is absolutely fine if you are unorganised and a little messy. After all, in the pursuit of artistic perfection one can afford to be a little messy! So it is fine if your design collection is a bit messed up without any rhyme or reason.

If you are already organised, pat yourself on the back as you are already a step ahead of us. But if you are not one of the most organised people in the world, then please don’t sweat it out. There is always time to go over all the stuff you have collected and start labelling them into categories.

Start Looking For a Pro
Once you have collected enough inspiration for your dream kitchen, it is time for you to start noting down the professionals who will bring your dream project into fruition.

It is better to hire a professional to take care of the construction instead of handling it all by yourself. Look for a firm that also involves you in all the phases and keep you updated at each stage of the remodel.

If you are wondering about when you need to start categorising everything that you have collected, this is it! Once you have enough kitchen inspirations to build your design from, go back through them and start putting them into categories. If you are already done categorising them, move on to the next step.

But if you haven’t categorised them yet, then you can start by categorising them according to style (vintage or modern). You can also have a collection completely dedicated to kitchen islands, seating area, lighting and wallpaper.

Once you have categorised everything, go through it and see whether you can still emotionally relate to the images within. Ruthless editing is the only way to get some clarity. Simply scrap the designs you no longer seem to connect with.

Collect Images with Intention
Now that you have enough inspiration collected at random, categorised and suitably edited, go through all your saved photos again. While doing so, simultaneously search for images with specific items that made your final list.

You might not like the overall outlook for the room, but you may end up liking specific items, such as the wall colour, the cabinet style or the kitchen island. This will help you narrow down your options and ultimately help you find your very own kitchen design.