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Almost everyone in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) talks about how to get quality white hat backlinks. It’s the backlinks that help in earning higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) without breaking the rules of a search engine. There are obviously black hat backlinks too, which are not organic. They might work for short term, but in the long run, they mostly turn out to be more harmful than useful. The entire focus of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to get more traffic so that one gets more customers and hence more revenue.

As white hat techniques are ethical ways of getting traffic, they go a long way in earning the brand image and the trust of the human audience. The white hat techniques ensure that the website’s reputation in the online world is long lasting. These techniques, unlike black hat methods, make use of keywords after thorough research and instead of stuffing it unnecessarily builds relevant and high-quality content for it.

Let’s see some of the best ways to get quality white hat backlinks to ensure higher ranking:

Guest Posting
It is all about writing some great content on someone else’s site or blog in exchange for a backlink to your website. The links are either given in the author’s bio at the bottom of the post or within the content. It’s a time-tested technique and is great for building white hat backlinks. For this, you need to find some reputed blogs in your niche and then post some quality content on it. It’s a win-win situation for both the blog owners and the one posting on it. The blog owners get good quality content for free to share with their audience and the one posting it earns high-quality links. The top SEO services follow this method as an effective link building tool.

Blog Comments
Another great way to diversify anchor text, promote content and get quality white hat backlinks is to comment on blogs. But, for it to work well, you need to find quality blogs in your niche. Not all blogs have comments enabled on the page and you will have to make use of tools to find those that have comments link enabled and also to check the rank of the blogs that are worth spending time on. Commenting on the right blogs helps in earning good quality backlinks. Make sure that you don’t outsource or automate the process. Also, don’t get trapped on spammy sites. Do a proper research using the various available tools and you will find some really good opportunities.

Identify Your Audience
You should have a clear idea of the audience you are targeting. Any digital marketing agency you have hired knows the importance of understanding the audience and posting content keeping in mind this audience. The age, sex and demographics should be kept in mind while writing and posting the content to engage the users. You can’t write the same content for the young and old or for a professional and a novice. Make use of traffic tracking tools and get info about your visitors and the type of content they are interested in and then provide the content on the same lines. It’s the backlinks you earned on your previous content that will drive the traffic forward. The keywords you use in white hat backlinks need to be chosen after thorough research and then the content should be built around it keeping the audience in mind. At times, you can also go ahead with some thought-provoking, conversational content. Such content really engages the audience if you can talk about things that people want to hear and share their thoughts on.

Resource Compiling
To get quality white hat backlinks to your site, you often will be posting content on blog posts and many other informational pages. The content that you post in these places is your original work and you use it for building some reputable and credible links. At times, you can also compile your research in such a manner that users find value in it and you can provide relevant information for free.

Once you succeed in creating such resources and are willing to provide it for free, it will help in creating backlinks to your website whenever anyone makes use of that resource in their content or blog post. All you need to do is start by finding out the people in your niche who are using and then identify the gaps in the available information. Once you are aware of these gaps, you can start finding ways to fill those with relevant information.

The white hat backlinks work really well, but when we talk of white hat, there are no shortcuts. You need to work hard for it. Once you succeed in establishing such backlinks, they are there to stay for long. White hat optimization makes things easier to manage. In today’s scenario, it is one of the most viable strategies to enhance rankings in the SERPs.

Micheal Anderson is a proficient SEO expert with Techmagnate (Leading name for SEO services in India), being blogger he likes to write on the SEO services and other digital marketing tactics to get success on the online platform.

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