The skin kissed tan is a long admired beauty standard that many desire even as summer passes each year. It is usually easy to develop a sun kissed tan when visiting especially sunny places during warmer weather, such as the beach. However, achieving a sun kissed tan year around is possible without relying on sunbathing or even extensive travel to warmer climate places. In fact, it is possible to achieve that sun kissed glow by means of a tanning bed session. Many choose tanning beds to get a sun kissed tan since it provides a very similar method to how tans naturally develop. If interested in getting a sun kissed tan without the sun, prospective customers should learn what they need to do in order to prepare for their tanning bed session.

Preparing to get a sun kissed tan

It is easier than ever to get a perfect looking sun kissed tan without needing to travel too far. Many tanning salons exist these days, providing customers with a variety of solutions to achieve the tan they desire. The use of a tanning bed for a sun kissed tan is just one method that people can use to get the best looking tan they desire.

Like with any cosmetic procedure, it is always a good thing to do research before undergoing the procedure. When researching potential tanning salons, prospective customers should ask the reputable tanning technicians questions about the type of tanning beds they use to achieve the sun kissed tan look. This step is also important for people to find out if this type of sunless tanning works for their skin type.

Preparing for the actual sun kissed tan session is something that prospective customers should do, as well. For example, it is important for them to obtain adequate protection for their lips, hair, nails, and eyes before getting into the tanning bed. Many tanning salons already provide proper eye protection for their customers, but customers may need to obtain UV protective covers for their hair and nails. Prospective customers should also carry with them is lip balm with SPF protection to keep their lips from burning during the tanning session. Preparing the skin for the sun kissed tanning bed session also ensures that the actual tan will set evenly along the body. Exfoliation or scrubbing the skin the night before the session rids the skin of dead cells and other build up. This helps the UV rays produced by the tanning bed to efficiently penetrate the skin and cause the skin reaction that causes the skin to tan.

Researching sun kissed tanning salons in advance also has another benefit. It helps prospective customers learn more about the cost of the service and if they can obtain discounts. Many tanning bed salons run promotions or deals for new and returning customers, so it does not hurt to ask if there are any that are active. Tanning sessions for larger parties, such as a bridal party, commonly receive discounts due to the number of people involved. Always call or visit a tanning salon in advance to properly plan a tanning session, which helps avoid any problems on the day of the session.