pollution free home decor

Increasing levels of pollution require efforts from the community as well as individuals. While indoors are comparatively cleaner since they have the protection of walls, they are certainly not impenetrable. Indoor pollution does not impose immediate health problems, but if the insides of a house are unclean your immunity will be comprised gradually.

As it turns out, not only urban air pollution, but a myriad of other things like tobacco smoke and household cleaners pose health hazards. Here are a few practices that can help you eliminate pollution indoors and ensure a healthy lifestyle:

Thank you for Smoking (NOT)
Smoking indoors is one of the major contributors to pollution and it doesn’t leave the indoors soon enough. The left-over gasses and particles settle indoors and deteriorate the air. Rooms like the bedroom and the living room with sofas and chairs made of fabrics and clothes collect chemicals and make the environment inhospitable. Apart from the rancid smell, it can cause respiratory problems and even contribute to cancer amongst non-smokers.

Ventilation and Purification

During monsoons, it is possible to simply open the windows every now and then and give your indoors as breath of fresh air. However, that is not possible during the colder months when pollution levels skyrocket and during the summers when you’ll sweat while taking a shower. Therefore, it is wise to invest in air purifiers equipped with high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) air filters.  

Wipe the Floor
This is the most basic practice and must not be ignored at any cost. Billions of dust particles settle in small spaces. Vacuum the floors or sweep them with brooms thoroughly before mopping them up with micro-fiber clothes or mops. Make sure to clean every corner so that it doesn’t accumulate leading to further infestations.

Avoid Synthetic Fragrance
Everyone has preferences when it comes to how your ready flats in Mumbai or Thane ought to smell. While the lemon, rose of lavender fragrances might appeal to you, they are far from natural and contain numerous chemicals that are health deterrents. Most of these chemicals are not even mentioned on these products including laundry products. They can, very easily, cause skin irritations since most are never tested for the effects of inhaling such chemicals. Avoid even buying them and use natural scented candles and oil burners instead. The idea is to eliminate odors instead of adding to them.

Move Out During Renovations
It might not be easy or practical but one ought to plan such a move in advance. Paints and polishes contain harmful fumes that can cause serious aliments if exposed to them for prolonged periods. Freshly painted rooms ought to be emptied as fumes they emit can settle in the fabrics and affect your health.

Moreover, the adhesives used to seal furniture and plywood are extremely harmful and must be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, when renovating your house, make sure that you move in after the face-lifting work is concluded.