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The road trip season is finally here. Thus, it’s of the utmost importance to get your automobile or car ready more than ever. You should know that there are drawbacks when traveling by car. From ongoing road construction, traffic, and dull hours on the road, most people will inevitably get bummed out.

To make it much easier, a lot of us bring along gadgets. Thus, any device that can make the travel a lot easier, more fun, and safer for you and your companions is going to be worth the expense. There are many travel gadgets available in the market these days that can aid you to make your road trip more satisfying and fun. Are you planning your next road trip adventure? For a little help, listed below are five travel gadgets that’ll bring additional conveniences and upgrades to your care for your next road trip. Check them out!

Four-port USB Charger
Instead of arm wrestling for the privilege or right on the only USB port to recharge your tablet, pocket projector, or phone, opt for a 4-port USB Charger to create a power strip for everyone. All you have to do is to plug it in, and then you can now juice up four different electronic devices simultaneously. This kind of device is a single charging block, which means it eradicates the need to bring different charging bricks for each device you have. But, relying upon on the quality of the ports, you can have the luxury to charge your gadgets all at the same time. When buying one, go for something that’s compact and portable, and plugs into a cigarette lighter adapter. Pack light with a 4-port USB Charger and charge your gadgets efficiently, securely, and conveniently.

If buying coffee or tea at the gas station isn’t viable for you and your trip, then you might want to get a Minipresso into your drinking container. Minipresso is an impressive compact espresso machine that’s portable, versatile, and lightweight. You can use any variety of coffee roast or coffee bean that’ll give you the opportunity of trying different flavors. Since its very easy to use, ergonomic, and lightweight, Minipresso allows you to tamp and measure your espresso before extracting a hot espresso shot without the need to plug it. With its help, grinding coffee beans will, without question, help you monitor your coffee brewing. As a result, you’ll have that quality espresso shot that’ll delight everyone in your car. Minipresso is perfect for enjoying up to 50 ml of espresso on the go. With little effort, you can enjoy a hot espresso shot anywhere, anytime.

LED Road Flares
In the event where your car accidentally breaks down along a busy highway with narrow roads, you could be in great danger. However, putting a bright flashing light on the car’s roof or the roadway can, without a doubt, save your life. Road flares or highway flares have progressed and sophisticated today. Before, road flares were combustible types, which were very handy and useful. However, they could be very dangerous because they burned chemicals and toxins, plus they have low battery life. Fortunately, there are LED road flares available in the market these days. They are more effective, safer, and ergonomic. With the help of LED road flares, you’ll be able to warn oncoming cars about your situation.

NetGear Around Town

There’s no denying that as much as we want or wish to steer clear of using technology, having a Wifi is a must, most especially when you’re traveling to unfamiliar places. NetGear Around Town is the quick solution to that dilemma. Different from most mobile routers, NetGear Around Town doesn’t need a contract, allowing you to connect to up to ten electronic devices or gadgets. Also, its battery life lasts for plenty of hours. So, if you would rather not use your data plan while streaming Spotify or Netflix, this easy to use device provides you a fast 4G LTE mobile hotspot directly in your car. Keep in mind that it works on a prepaid model. As such, you need to pay for the amount of data you would like to use.

The Coolest Cooler

This product is not only called the coolest cooler for no reason, but it’s certainly a cool addition to your road trip gadgets. Why? It’s because it blends or mixes music and drinks in top quality. The Coolest Cooler is big enough for you to keep your drinks and food, plus it comes with a USB plug, a built-in cutting board and plates, and a Bluetooth speaker. It also comes with a built-in blender, perfect for making margaritas, smoothies, and any other thirst-quencher concoctions.


With the summer season fast approaching, road trip season also comes. Thus, it’s important to prep your car and makes sure it’s road trip ready. Aside from packing a bunch of snacks and queueing songs, there are other things you’ll be happy to consider in case your car breaks down or batteries dying out. From a four-port USB Charger to The Coolest Cooler, these travel gadgets will certainly make your road trip adventure more fun, convenient, and safer.

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