usa road trip itinerary

If you’re looking for the best USA road trip itinerary, then you’ve come to the right place. There are multiple awesome USA road trip itineraries that you can choose from and enjoy having the best ever road trip in the USA! Whatever catches your fancy – whether it’s the spectacular Californian coast, the stunning Appalachian Mountains, or the golden deserts of the Wild West – there are scores of USA road trip ideas to suit your needs.

The Best American Road Trip Routes:
Your search for the ideal roadtrip America has to offer ends here. We’ve listed some of the best and most picturesque routes you can enjoy exploring in a car or campervan. Browse through the list and find a route that best suits your needs. If you live elsewhere, book last minute flights if you need to and come enjoy one of the best road trips ever.

New York to Boston
There’s isn’t a better way to begin your American adventure than by exploring the Big Apple. The New York to Boston route is our top USA road trip itinerary and one that makes your road trip USA planner easy. Check out Times Square, Central Park, and Greenwich Village followed by a classic American diner breakfast. Drive to Cape Cod and be awed by pristine beaches, fishing villages, and quaint lighthouses. Wind your way on to Boston, one of the best US cities to visit any time of the year. Take in the sights, walk the popular ‘Freedom Trail’ and end your day with the local favorite, Clam Chowder.

Miami to Key West
This is one of the most beautiful routes and quite possibly the best USA road trip itinerary ever. The road over the ocean from Miami to Key West crosses a total of 42 bridges. Don’t forget to take your camera along as a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean on both sides is an experience that no other road trip can offer. Island-hop your way to Key West and stop at whichever Key you wish to along the way. April or early May is the ideal time for this route as there are sometimes hurricane warnings during June through November. This road trip is definitely worth booking international flights for.

San Francisco to Los Angeles
While it may be simple to just book economy or business class flights from one city to another, driving all the way in a car is a different experience altogether. On the drive from San Francisco to LA, you can explore small but scenic seaside towns of Carmel and Monterey before embarking on the rugged coast of Garrapata State Park and Big Sur. You can enjoy Pfeiffer Beach before cruising into Los Angeles. The Santa Monica Pier is a great place to relax offering scores of fun things to enjoy such as rides, food stalls, and shopping stores. This can be the most fun USA road trip itinerary for those who love these kinds of attractions.

Route 66
The longest of our classic American road trip trails, route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles is a great USA road trip itinerary for those who love driving on long straight roads. You’ll cross classic diners, truck stops, and old-fashioned motels along the way. Key sights include restaurants, museums, and small towns that once prospered in the early 1930’s. Covering invaluable American history, route 66 is more about the journey than the destination. The drive can ideally be covered within 5 days but it is recommended that you break it down into a week or two and include side trips to attractions such as the Grand Canyon.

The Blue Ridge Parkway
A stunning USA road trip itinerary, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic route that snakes its way from Virginia through the spectacular Appalachian Mountains to North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains National Park. Autumn is the best time to take this road trip as you will be able to catch sight of stunning gold-hued trees hugging the sides of the road. You will cross stunning waterfalls and splendid hiking trails along the way. Make sure to take your camera along and capture the spectacular panoramic views on film. This picturesque trail is absolutely worth booking cheap USA flights for.

Chicago to New Orleans
Traversing the very heart of America, this USA road trip itinerary is among the most fascinating ones. Beginning in Chicago, the remarkable route will take you through about 6 different states. You will first head to Lincoln’s birthplace in St. Louis and from here, head down to Memphis. Experience the change in weather, accent, and cuisine as you enjoy the charming south of US. Continue along the banks of Mississippi River and head over straight into New Orleans. This is also among the best US road trips to take. Book cheap flights with Indian Eagle and come enjoy this spectacular drive from one fantastic city in the US to the other.