Lexus ES Hybrid

Lexus ES 300h Hybrid is a comfortable and spacious model for the buyers who wish to own a luxurious car but not wish to spend a fortune on the expensive ends of the automobile giant. The Hybrid model will also help in aiding the fuel economy of the car along with the features and the feel of the original Lexus cars using the gas engine.

The car can fit up to 6 passengers along with the driver. It is not the car that will cost you a fortune but at the same time will offer you comfort and good ride quality. 2018 Lexus ES hybrid mpg offers an average mpg of 40 on the roads and highways combined. There are a few other options if you are looking for the hybrid cars but if you look at the overall features and the luxuries offered Lexus ES 300h Hybrid will definitely come out to be the winner.

Engine and Performance
The overall driving of the car is better than the rivals but there are some shortcomings which have to be kept in mind before going for the buy. If you observe the brake pedal carefully, the action is a little spongy which might cause failure during the ride. The car is a hybrid car and does use gas. This makes the acceleration duller than the ones that use the gas. If you want to accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph, you can do that in the time frame of 7.8 seconds which is respectable for the car that does not use gas.

The Sports model can resolve this up to a certain extent. The braking system is quite grabby. It takes 117 feet before the car at 60 mph can come to a halt. The steering wheel has a lot of assists but the feedback is not available as such. However, there is enough on-center feel on the steering to keep the car straight at the highway speeds. The engine fires up smoothly, however, the response on the transition is a bit slow but it is quite smooth.

Looking at the comfort offered by the car, the car offers a smooth ride and moreover, you will not feel the jerks that you might otherwise feel on the not-so maintained roads. The climate control feature of the car is not very appealing. The getting in and out of the car could prove to be a little trouble but otherwise, the interiors are pretty decent. A good outward visibility and a spacious cabin can make up for the minor troubles. All the controls of the infotainment in the car are clearly labeled and the access is in the reach of the driver.

The drivers have a nice place to sit and there is a wide range of adjustments provided to the drivers for the seat position. While talking about the roominess of the car, it has enough room for the tall passengers in terms of legroom and the shoulder room in the cabin. The sunroof of the car does not cut in the headroom which makes it an ideal cabin. When we consider the quality of materials used in the interiors, there is no extravaganza that can be seen but the small features such as contrast-stitching look good.

The car is definitely a head turner when running on the roads. Based on the different trim levels, there are different features given to the buyers. Since this is a hybrid model, it is moderately priced and thus, the number of features included in the car is also limited. Talking about the exteriors, Lexus ES hybrid has automatic headlights which can be either xenon headlights or the LED headlights depending on the model that you select. Apart from the headlights, it has other features such as automatic wipers, well-sculpted front, and rear bumpers, LED tail lamps, and an iconic Lexus body.

The car comes with many active safety features which help you drive the car with confidence. First of all, the car has a 10-airbag system to keep the occupants safe in case of any kind of a collision. The car also features a rear cross-traffic alert which will help you change the lanes. There is a blind-spot monitor along with a backup camera. the car also features a smart stop technology and a direct tire pressure monitoring system.