manufacturers of tractors in India

Tractors are engineered and designed to deliver high torque at slow paces. The primary function of any tractor is to haul a machine or trailer that is being used in construction or agriculture. Manufacturers of tractors in India are benefiting from their exceptional sales today. But, things were not similar to them like today. Hard work and dedication and promotion of their products have made them what they are today.

Let’s get back to the history and know how tractors came

In the early 19th century, the first machinery was started to be used in the agricultural field. This machinery was basically a steam engine which was used to drive mechanical farm by a way of a flexible belt. This is the basic principle on which modern-day tractors are based on. This machine only acted as a semi-portable engine and could be used for very short distance only. The first fully portable engine was produced in 1839 which still is used as an engine for today’s tractors.

The first traction engine or as it is known as today tractor was first to build in 1859, which had a long driving chain fitted between the crankshaft and rear axle.

The next few years were an experimentation period for this machine but not much evolution was seen until the 20th century. This early version was used in pairs with each one being placed at either side of the field and was used to haul a plough back and forth between them using a cable. The first major update to the tractor came when a gasoline-powered tractor was introduced in 1892.

Gasoline-powered tractors

The early version of tractors ran on steam but with time people saw the disadvantage of using steam to run the tractor. The first non-steam powered tractor was created in 1892 in the US. It had a van duzen single-cylinder gasoline engine which was mounted on an engine chassis which controlled the gearbox of the tractor. The first fuel-powered tractor which actually gained success was built in 1896 with a 20 horsepower engine.

This tractor was commercially released in 1901. The next big success came when a two-cylinder gasoline engine was made in 1903. The tractors we see today were first created in 1908. This tractor was also the first which was released on a global scale and India’s manufacturing of tractors started in the early to the mid 20th century. This is a big thing since India is one of the biggest manufacturers of tractor in the world today while it was one of the last to implement the use of it.

Where are tractors used?

There are various uses of tractors. Some of these uses are:-

  • The most common use of a tractor is in the farms where they are used for pushing or pulling of machinery or trailers, for plough, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and similar task.
  • They are used for engineering tasks where tools are fitted into the tractors. The most common engineering tool attached to a tractor is a dozer blade.
  • A bulldozer is also a type of tractor which is used in a lot of construction works.
  • A front-loader and back-loaders are also types of tractors which are used to transfer heavyweights from one place to another in construction work.

There are a lot of uses of tractors which has only increased over the years with other things fit into a tractor to do a specific task. This is one of the major reasons why there are thousands of manufacturers of tractors in India.