hot male model karan oberoi (KO)
hot male model karan oberoi (KO)

Abs flaunting: Is this the most flaunting trend? Yes, its indeed and doesn’t look like can go out of trend from now. As if being lissome and having washboard abs were not good enough, showbiz names seem to be smitten by a new trend: flaunting their ribcage when it comes to women and six pack abs when it comes to men.

The latest one seen doing so is actor Jacqueline Fernandez in the remake of Madhuri Dixit’s hit number Ek Do Teen. While shimmying to this cult song, Jacqueline’s very noticeable ribcage is grabbing all the attention.

Also, in a recent photo shoot, actor Tanishaa Mukerji shows off her ribcage in a golden crop top as as leading top actors such as Hritik Roshan, Varun Dhawan and John Abraham and undoubtedly India’s top male model Karan Oberoi KO.

The modelling industry, for the longest time, has picked skinny women for runway shows and male  models with quite visible great abs. Karan oberoi also today known to people by his other name KO, because of his fittest lifestyle and rock solid attitude towards fitness which lead him to attain awards like ‘top fitness model’ and Mr. Best Physique.

Today the model rejoices for having so many pictures or images across the internet. He is also one of the most photographed men from India who has created waves overseas too.

How to attain Six pack abs like India’s top male model Karan Oberoi KO

Karan Oberoi (KO) one of the very few models who is seen fit with 6 pack abs all year around. Karan said in one of his interviews I got my 6 pack abs by eating apples and almonds for two weeks in a row. According to Karan Oberoi model any one can have 6 pack abs, in fact the truth is every one already has abs, it’s just that they are not visible which can only be attained by doing lot of cardio activity and eating right food.

Karan also mentioned in one his interviews he was not fit once because he had met with an accident and couldn’t go to gym. Karan Oberoi model suddenly got the shoot where it was imperative to show his 6 pack abs, he made a quick schedule of 15 days to get those shredded 6 pack abs and started eating small protein rich meals and declined salt and carbohydrate intake.

Top model was also running everyday for hours early morning on empty stomach. At the time of photo shoots he goes on low carbohydrates, less sugar, very less salt diet and also emphasizes on keeping it somewhere balanced throughout the year and living drug free, smoking free and alcohol free lifestyle.

So if you are planning to become a model infact a supermodel, keep it simple that is living a balanced lifestyle by not overdoing rather keeping shorter goals towards fitness and putting little efforts towards physical and eating goals.

Yes at the time of shoots models can definitely go to the extent the way Karan has described it. Karan also emphasizes on enjoying the process, so it’s important that you keep your cheat days on once in a week and living rest of the week full in discipline.

Top Model Karan Oberoi’s Abs Diet:

  • Morning: 8- 12 eggs white, Oats, one apple
  • Brunch: one scoop protein shake
  • Before workout: pre workout drink to give lot of energy or a black coffee
  • After workout: one scoop protein shake majorly low sodium not more than 20mg salt.
  • Lunch: Quinoa or one cup brown rice and one piece chicken boiled
  • Evening meal: 2 oranges and one apple, hand full of nuts.
  • 8 pm meal: roasted chicken breast with broccoli (bolied)
  • 10 pm: Fish with little salad