Write Perfect Article

Writing articles for the internet is simple. The reason so many people use sites like article marketer to publish their works is also just as simple. With every article you publish, the author section can include links to your site and therefore is a great way of building backlinks.

Backlinks are important to a site as they provide ways for people to access your site, as well as showing the search engines that your site is relevant and current. So, if articles are that important, why aren’t people writing enough of them?

Writing is a skill that not everyone has in their locker. I am a great writer and therefore articles are like second nature to me. When I get writing, I can knock up some quality articles in a quick succession. The only way I can do this is by following the Three Step Article Recipe, or TSAR for short.

TSAR relies on three easy steps to producing a great article that people will want to read for many years to come. All those young, enthusiastic writers out there should take a look at the TSAR to immediately improve the quality and quantity of their articles.

Step One – Pick a subject that interests you, or one of which you already have knowledge. Readers will be able to tell if you really care what you are writing, or if you have just copied words and phrases that you don’t understand. When you write about something personal, the words will flow and your article will be fluent and readable.

Even if you are writing about something that isn’t the most interesting to you personally, make it interesting. Your tone will translate into the copy, so if you have chosen, or been given, a subject then become the subject and let it envelope you so the copy is indulgent, delicious and satisfying. Yummy yummy in my tummy. The first step in your three step recipe is complete. Preparation complete, time to cook.

Step Two – Do your homework. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to writing articles. If people are taking the time to read your article, make sure the information is relevant, up-to-date and most importantly factually correct. Getting names, dates or figures wrong may be forgiven in conversation with friends but in articles it is the ultimate no-no.

The internet offers so much information that to get things wrong now is unforgiveable. Don’t trust everything you read though, especially on subjects with which you may be unfamiliar. For example, people’s names may be the same but it doesn’t mean they are brothers – double check everything as it’s your name that will appear in the author box. Cooking is complete, now for the garnish.

Step Three – So, you have chosen your subject, written a thoroughly persuasive and convincing article and now you want to serve it. It’s not ready. There needs some finishing touches to achieve the highest quality of article. And here comes the secret to my success and article master grade 8.

Attention to detail is the key. Ensure all spelling and grammar are correct as this will give your article credibility and won’t provoke derogatory remarks from educated folk. Double-check everything.