Brass Parts

Manufacturing companies of brass parts including brass cable glands, brass valves, brass auto parts, and brass accessories are using tactful marketing strategies to remain in the competition. It is really tough to cope up because more manufacturers are using innovative ideas to promote their product ranges across the globe.

The brass parts industry is initially an intermediate industry offering a vast variety of brass parts and components to almost all the engineering industries from electrical to automobile sector.

India is well known source of brass parts across the world. Specifically Jamnagar is popular for its quality brass products and worldwide clients are importing different brass parts for different applications. Jamnagar is known for manufacturing of electrical, engineering, electronic, agriculture, forging parts, sanitary, hardware, auto parts, extrusions, home appliances, and more precision brass parts.

The brass industry has to encounter several hurdles. Some are internal and some are external. These issues affect many other related industries along with economic growth of the country. The work force involved in this industry also gets affected as it is dependent on industry for livelihood. The economic growth of our country also changes.

To handle the problems coming on the way, companies use different marketing strategies. How do they do it?

While doing research on the industry growth, experts found that most of the companies have adopted total quality management for the quality improvement. Rest of the companies follow six stigma but have not complete control on it. Companies are producing most of the final products as per their customer demand. Their products are based on the shape, size as demanded by the customers.

However, most of the companies keep their products prices similar to other providers in the market. The reason behind selecting this pricing model is that current rate pricing is the safest method for pricing since companies can offer more discount and allowance schemes to the customers.

Brass parts industries have experienced recession before few years. They made several efforts to survive during that period. They decreased the prices of the product to that extent where they earned the least profit. 83% are following total quality management for quality enhancement.

77% of the companies are giving more credit limit to their regular customers. This helps them in retaining the existing clientele. Brass cable glands, brass valves, brass hardware, brass components, and auto parts suppliers are also doing the same to remain in the competition.