Research Paper

MLA Format allows you to format and present the paper in a specific format, if the instructor has advised submitting the research paper in MLA format, then the student must have to follow some specific guidelines. It involves the setting of a document, page header, title block, citations, and indenting, etc. Let us explore in detail how MLA style helps to craft a perfect research paper in a particular style.

Formatting in MLA Style 

1. The default word processor is MS word mostly used to craft a research paper. Word has its default settings like line height, margins, and paragraph spacing, etc., for MLA style, you need 1-inch margin and a double space 2 line height. No extra space is required after the title.

2.  The typeface required is Times New Roman with 12 font size. Select the appropriate font-size from the MS word and typeface. No extra space is needed after paragraphs.

3.  The Page Header is used at the top of every page; the purpose of Page Header Function in MS Word is to add the “last name and page number” at the top right corner of every page in your MLA document. Insert “Page Numbers” in the top menu and click “just to the left” to insert the page number on the left side.

4.  MLA document is different from APA or AMA document; it does not require a separate title page including the student name, teacher’s name and the name of the institution, etc. Just type your name in the upper left corner followed by the instructor name, date and the course name.

5.  In the next line, center aligns the text and add a suitable title for your essay or research paper.

6.  Citing the sources is the sign of credibility of your academic document. The in-text citations provide proper evidence to the readers about the use of credible sources. The in-text citations appear in the body of your paper and the “Work Cited” page is below the research essay.

7.  Increase the indent from the left before starting the new paragraph in the MLA format.

8.  Do not put any comma between the page number and the last name of an author.

9.  A research paper is never complete until yo finish it with a full cited bibliography on the last page of the paper. This part can be tricky for some writers; you can insert “page break” in MS Word and start the bibliography formatted in MLA style. No other special formatting is required, and there are online tools available for citing the references in MLA format without manual intervention.

10.  Sort the entries in bibliography alphabetically to make them appear professionally. Sorting them by the last name of the author is a good practice. If the paper is written by an organization like a non-profit organization or a government agency, then sorting the organizations must be arranged in alphabetic order.

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