soft drinks

With increasing temperatures and summer knocking hard, the soft drinks take up the market by storm. The best way to beat the heat of the soaring temperature is none other than the carbonated sweet often tangy flavored beverages. These are captured in the family of soft drinks which are non-alcoholic in nature and is everyone’s favourite across all age groups from a kid to college going youth or middle aged corporates or old aged grandpas. Whether at a party as a welcome drink, or just as a refreshing drink to revive the taste buds or maybe with snacks the soft drinks work wonders! There is yet another category of drink, the energy drinks which promise to sweep off the lethargy from the very first sip. If you are feeling tired, just sip it in and see the world change with your increased boost of energy levels. The major difference is that soft drinks rejuvenate your taste buds and they are merely refreshing drinks while energy drinks activate you to take up all possible challenges and face the storm like a knight in armour! Coming to soft drinks first, the different flavours of soft drinks can be captured as below:

Soft Drinks Categories – The tasty and fizzy soft drinks can be classified into different categories based on what it is made or inspired from. Mostly we get the fruit beverages and there are others also, come let us check below:

Fruit Categories – The different fruit drink beverages can be summarized a below:

  • Mix fruit – The mix fruit beverages have a combined flavour of the fresh and juicy apples, peaches, guavas, passion fruit and pineapples to beat the stress and revive you from the hectic day with the first sip. These natural fruits come with different health benefits thus promising you a healthy life with the taste unmatched with no other in the market!
  • Apple fruit beverages – The perfect golden wine look with a clear texture – the apple fruit drink is just amazing! With the goodness of apples and taste of the fruit from the orchards, these provide you with the necessary health quotient like stronger heart, controlled cholesterol, it’s a great store house of Vitamin C, stronger bones, a better immunity and lots more.
  • Orange fruit drinks – Infused with the tangy and sweet combination flavours from the pulpiest and juiciest of oranges straight from the fields! A rich power house of Vitamin C and an anti-oxidant, oranges help you keep hydrated.
  • Mango fruit drinks– The goodness of mango packed in cute bottles bring you the best of fruit drinks in the country! The raw juicy and pulpy mangoes crushed and grinded thoroughly with superior machinery in the factories provide the best of relishing taste of sweetness unmatched with any other sweetener or fruit ever!

Jeera Masala Soft Drinks -Jeera when added to cuisines brings forth the amazing taste of bitterness fused with a spicy taste that just adds to the desire to sip it in! The most well-known flavour of soda in the country, the jeera masala soft drinks is an amazing drink that you may enjoy with snacks or just to refresh and revive your energy as well as taste buds. This adds to your digestion and metabolism along with greater health benefits of liver health and cancer prevention as well.

Cola Flavour – The most popular soft drink flavor in the country is the dark chocolate coloured fizzy cola flavor. It has been associated with us since childhood and is probably the first cold drinks we were introduced to. It is an emotion!

Energy Drink – There is another category of drinks termed as the energy drink which also hit the market with great popularity. It rejuvenates you from within and revives your free spirited soul and sets you adventurous! Whether you feel low on some days or after a hectic workout, these energy drinks will revive you back to life with greater enthusiasm and energy. Some energy drinks are soda component and carbon-dioxide is added to water in the best possible ratio for the utmost fizz and best of taste! So grab a bottle and set free!

Beat the heat with soft drinks while you can beat the lethargy with these energy drinks. But make sure you consume these soft drinks and energy drink from the leading brands so that there is no risk of harmful chemicals and preservatives.