Pimples or acne are the dermatological problem irritating and leave permanent marks on the affected region. They are generally visible on the facial region due to the accumulation of dust and dirt. They leave a scar on the skin and at times become difficult to remove. These problems can be treated effectively with medicated skincare products

Powerful constituents

Salicylic acid is the active a very effective antibacterial element that when applied fights the rapid growth of pimple. It is used by one per cent in the scar facewash for face which controls the excessive oil secretion giving a correct PH balance of the skin.

The function of the salicylic acid is to lower the swelling of the pimple that reopens the mouth of the block acne.  As the salicylic acid contains antiseptic medicated portion the acne dries quickly. The salicylic acid contains comedolytic which helps in removing the epithelial membrane and the cellular matrix of the individual. Salicylic acid looseness and finally helps in removing the acne from roots.

How to apply

To have pimple-free skin, certain rules are required to be followed. The facial region should be damped with Luke warm water before applying the no scar face wash.  The face wash should be taken on the palm in required quantity and should be lightly applied on the facial region taking care that it is not spread into the eyes, ear, mouth or nose. The face wash is required to be left on the face for about ten to fifteen seconds and then it must be washed well with cold water. The face is needed to be dried with a clean towel after splashing with cold water.  A daily cleansing routine needs to be followed. The face wash should be used daily at least two times in the convenient intervals.

The result is visible after a few applications. In the facial region, there are no scars or marks. Sometimes too frequent use of best scar facewash for face makes the skin dry with patchy effect. The skin needs to be moisturized with some effective moisturizer but too much sensitive skin needs additional care if excessive heat, cold or sun radiance affects the skin.

Rewarding services of the face wash

The face wash is useful in many ways as they remove scars, fights acne, prevents in further growth of pimple giving a glowing skin.  Dead skin cell clusters are moved away from the upper coating so that the facial skin appears luminous and glossy.  The growth of the blackhead and pimples can even be stopped within a few days of periodic skin cleansing.


Highly sensitive skin should do a patch test before use.  If someone is susceptible to salicylic acid, the user should seek guidance from the doctor before starting to apply the face wash. Pregnant women should also use it after consulting the gynecologist. You need to inspect the face wash container lid before using the face wash. Clean the face with sensitive wounds and further sensitive skin before application. The skin should be cleaned before applying the facial cleansing product. One should always be careful that the face wash is not distributed in the mouth cavity.