Technology a boon or curse?

Have you often heard your elders cribbing about technology, and you usually fail in relating to their words because you sometimes wonder how did people in the past era survive without technological inventions?

Well, technology has made an enormous impact on all the essential aspects of human life, be it the routine life, way of working, education, or any other aspect.

According to various assignment help tutors technology has made a considerable impact on education, if we compare the education patterns of today to the ten-year-old academic pattern than we can easily claim that a lot has changed.

Let’s discuss the impacts of technology on education.

Smart Boards are the new cool!

Nearly ten years back, the blackboard was considered to be one very essential teaching tool; the teachers used to conduct various exercises with the help of the chalkboards, with the passing time the whiteboards occupied this place and now it is all about smart boards.

Smartboards are incredibly advanced, and they offer various new teaching and information sharing ways with the students. Smartboards have reduced the work stress of the teachers, as with their usage, they can easily store all the data in it and can teach the students in a better way.

Say Hi to the Educational Applications

Earlier books were considered to be the only source of information to gain knowledge or to study for the approaching examination, but now it is all about new education applications. Students have clearly bid a good-bye to the books and have lovingly accepted the new education applications.

Every day new educational applications hit google and app store, and they are downloaded by countless students each day, you can simply find apps for all subjects and can say goodbye to all your worries.

Assignment Help Services are Open-Heartedly Welcomed!

Back then when your parents were in school or were pursuing their graduation, they must have made a lot of assignments during that tenure, have you ever tried asking them about how did they write their assignment write-ups?

Well, if you haven’t, then we can help you out here. Earlier the students had to complete the assignment work themselves, there was no extra help available for them, but now hardly any of the kid completes the assignment himself.

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Over the years’ technology has made a massive impact on the education, which has both positive and negative impact on it. In the next segment of the article, we’ll face to face bring you to the effects of technology on education.

The Positive Impact

Facilitates Learning: With the facilities of gadgets like tablets and cellphones, students can avail the advantage of instantly accessing the web and getting the information on the spot with the help of the internet the students can complete their projects from school way faster and efficiently.

This is probably the most significant advantage of technology for the students. Among various other benefits, in this time and age, students can simply turn on their internet and avail the best homework help online.

Contributes to teaching

The arrival of smart boards have reduced the stress level of the teachers and has also improved the teaching qualities in academic institutions. The boards help the teachers in giving a limitless amount of information to the students for various topics. The teachers also get a golden chance to learn about multiple amazing software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google docs, etc. as they get direct access to them.

Develops the student minds

The brain is the most essential asset of any person, the more you use your brain, the more it works. In simple words, technology has helped the students in developing their minds. Now you must be wondering how?

Well, it is only with the help of technology that the students get access to countless websites and gain ocean level knowledge about things.

Well, these are some of the positive impacts of technology on education. Lets now run our eyes through the negative consequences.

Negative Impacts

Technology kills the student’s creativity: Although the available information on the web serves as a great learning tool, this can kill the creativity of the students. Mostly, the students just copy, paste the web information to score some excellent grades.

This probably is the biggest reasons why we have graduates who are excellent on paper but do not have a piece of extensive knowledge about their chosen field; these graduate students cannot solve any technical problems even though they are degree holders.

This undoubtedly is one of the saddest negative impacts of technology on the students.


Instead of giving a consistent amount of time to the academics, students spend countless hours on the web using the social media sites and watching some television shows. Presently social media has become a big-time addiction for the students, and they prefer staying on Facebook and Instagram rather than focusing on their academics.

As we know, addiction to anything can hinder the mental growth of the students, and it is not a good idea to stick yourself with something that is not of great advantage. Rather than giving the essential years of life to the social media applications, the students can try concentrating on their academics and build a better future for themselves.


Although the internet is an ocean of information but there is no guarantee that all the data available on the web is cent percent accurate. People have the liberty to post anything, and everything on the internet and any piece of information can misguide the students which can have an adverse effect on the student’s career.

On a final note, we can say technology is both sun and shade for the modern day; it all depends on us how we use it or misuse it.