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Before we accept this statement, let’s find out what education systems are like and does brains have the tendency to develop into a strong one or degrade into a weaker one?

university research papersThrough observation of the overall education systems, it is pretty evident that they are more examination oriented and not focused on skill building and development of individual students. By this, it does not mean that exams or testing of what individuals learn is not necessary, in fact, these exams and tests should not be given weight to the extent that students’ sole purpose of studying becomes only pass that particular exam and not on learning new things.

This is because these marks analyze an individual’s ability and skills based on daily memorization rather than what an individual actually stands for and to believe that these marks will lead to success is an illusion as what matters more is creativity, diversity, and innovation. In all, the main concentration is on how well an individual is memorizing all rather than how good he or she is in something particular.

Such an approach eliminates all the innovation in them and not working towards recognition and training of an individual’s skills and talents as there are not any programs or strategies that solely focus on flourishing of skills and talents.

A crippling system

The teachers present and trained as per the current modern education system are not supported or even encouraged by higher authorities to provide to the requirements of students of the modern generation. According to the new research or some university research papers, this leads to students attaining education just for the sake of completion of what’s instructed in the course and they fail to understand the purpose of what they are studying as all they know is theory and no practical or vocational implementation. So, due to lack of what is needed, they find such learning meaningless.

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Furthermore, education can best be learned by an expert of that particular art as he is the only one knowing its practical applications and not just theory. Not only this but life is the best teacher and guide to particular destination imagined, but due to lack of ‘hows’ and self-learning, this education system is not up to its best mark.

This leads to the tiresome routine of the students. Back from school, they are sent to tuitions for doing home workout and further explaining what is already taught at school. This routine not only shows the lack of self-learning but also the inability of teachers at schools. In addition to this, this lack of self-learning results in instilling students’ minds with things like they are not good enough to do certain work on their own leading to lack of confidence in oneself and doubting what they are capable of.

Moving forward, these modern education systems being what they are, are creating robots and machines out of humans as according to the famous saying, ‘they read books, they speak books, and they do books.’ Again, this means that they lack so much confidence in their capabilities and skills that are unable to do something innovative and creative.

The tendency of the Brain 

Looking at the second aspect of this article is whether or not brain has the tendency to become strong or weak. Yes, brains do have the tendency, and it depends on a lot of things. So, the relation between the unstable education system and a weak brain is positively correlated and results in an inability to actively function or no creativity.

As it can be seen that modern education systems are unstable though apparently, they seem perfectly fine, their way of educating, read different Term Paper Help and analyzing the success and how well they have learned had made minds numb to innovation.

Brains that are not used, for example not involving in self-learning and practical activities, will lead to weak ones, while more used brain will be able to work out real and practical problems, thus leading to an active and strong brain.

In order to help the sufferers of this system, there is a need to explain to the authorities how poorly it is being controlled.

The first thing to be done is stop using curriculum as the main differentiator. What else could be done is letting these kids be self-reliant and less dependent on others and boosting confidence levels?

Therefore, having analyzed the system and the current situation of the societal needs, it becomes clear that with modern times, dynamics change rapidly. Thus, to cater to the evolving perceptions, minds, and nature of the human lifestyle it has become essential best garbage disposal that a new, evolved form of an education system is adopted which is not bound over concrete rules and passive evaluation approach.