lederhosen embroidery

For a moment, just imagine having a memorable experience, where you get to travel to a new city and avail the opportunity to attend a world famous folk festival. Exciting isn’t it! If you are planning to go on a holiday trip, then Munich, Germany is the ideal city you need to explore. However, a tip here is to visit Munich during Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is quite a popular German folk festival that kicks off from the midweek of September, through to the first week of October. It’s a one-of-a-kind folk festival where you get the chance to indulge in some of the world’s most popular beer. From all corners of the globe, this fascinating city offers some impeccable tasting beer!

However, Oktoberfest is not just about indulging in beer, as you stand in the beer tents, another important detail that makes it an exhilarating festival is the traditional lederhosen costume you wear. Keep in mind that German locals appreciate the fact that people from all corners of the globe come to attend this festival, keeping their old traditions alive and blending in just like them.

The Lederhosen Costume

Before diving into the significance of the embroidery, here’s a quick look at lederhosen, including why it has such an important place in the Bavarian culture.

The varieties of Lederhosen For Sale you find in stores today all have a direct link with the old traditions. In the olden days, this costume was initially one people would consider as peasant garb (for the local working class in the 18th Century), but today wearing this costume to Oktoberfest is all about keeping old traditions intact. When you explore stores, here’s what the costumes would look like.

  • Fine leather breeches, made with the highest quality suede leather
  • Available in various lengths, short, knee-length as well as long
  • Kneibundhosen are the longer variations, and bundhosen, the knee-length pants
  • Feature suspenders (leather) with metallic buckles for better adjustment
  • Checkered shirts, featuring buckhorn style buttons and a pocket. The shirts are usually available in checkered colors including blue-white, green-white, red-white and other variations

The Story of Lederhosen Embroidery

Considering the Lederhosen history, this costume emerged from Germany’s Alpine regions, including Austria and Germany, as the identity of the working community. The sturdy quality of the leather made them ideal for the local workers, who wore them for hours during the day. During that time, these costumes had no embroidery on them; they were simple and paired with checkered shirts and boots (leather boots).

In the southern regions of Bavaria and Germany, a new and unique style them came about, where the leather pants got a front flap. In the 18th century, another change in fashion brought about the embroidered details, because the elite class wanted to keep their high-class status separate from the working people. The embroidered versions came with intricate embroidered details, and adorned with colored stones to symbolize the noble and elite class.

In those days, the tailors would spend hours and sometimes days to decorate the costumes richly with hand-made embroidery, extending them to the suspenders, down the trouser length. A time eventually came when it became a regional pride to wear lederhosen, and the elite class wore them to weddings, and other special occasions. Today, wearing richly embroidered costumes, like these means that you are respecting the Bavarian culture. This is a reason why men choose to wear lederhosen and you will find thousands of men wearing leather trousers.

Wearing lederhosen at Oktoberfest is the perfect pick for all those men who want to exude a stylish, classy, and sophisticated vibe during Oktoberfest. When shopping, you should choose a style that shows off your love for the German fashion. Flaunt your Bavarian look this Oktoberfest and let people see a glimpse of your personality!