Everyone looks for everything affordable or within their budget. So you must be one of these people, who are looking for an affordable SEO package for the business you are taking care of.

So, in here, you can have this thought, does it make sense, and if there’s, in reality, anything very affordable in the works of SEO? If the thought has crossed your mind then, you must know that there’s probably no such thing, and you have to spend your bucks if you want a brand reputation for your company. If you are still skeptical, here are some example of affordable packages, who promises you one thing but as a result, gives you nothing. Check it out.

Too many clients

You must get allured by too many clients of the SEO agency, but if you go deeper you will find out that, those clients get less time from the services they have rendered. Your company certainly do not need this.

Assurance of best-ranking

You must get allured by the shiny and lucrative ad of some SEO agency, and have rendered the services from them. However, in reality, most of these companies do not provide, what they are expected from. They might tell you that SEO takes time, but ultimately even after 6 months, you will not get your desired result.

They’re till date achievement

The company you have thought of hiring only talks about what they have done good or achieved till date. In this case, they never speak about the drawbacks and the places they have failed. They give importance to their winning pages.

SEO training availability

If you are looking to educate your workers in SEO, then you can always ask the agencies, if they provide SEO training. However, in reality, they might tell you that the trainer is not available currently, and delay in fulfilling this part. So look for the same.

Technical changes

Ask them if there will be any technical changes while the SEO agency works for your business. Make sure you are informed of every necessary change and that should be approved by you only. If you find the company is doing unnecessary changes without asking you, you must decide otherwise.

Outdated case studies

You must have asked about their case studies, but all you have found they are outdated. The company might have shown a case study from 2000 which doesn’t imply in 2019. So, you need to check this for sure.

Special info from Google

The company might tell you that they have special details on the algorithm. You must know that they certainly do not possess that. They may understand the system algorithm works, but Google will never provide special info to them.

So, now you know how you easily you can get trapped into any of these scams. So, before you become the victim, follow some calculated strategy.

Author bio

Naveen Kumar provides services in SEO, SMO, web design and development to many parts of the world. He is also the owner and founder of JDM Web Technologies and has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing.