Cylinder Sleeves are a metal or alloy part which is used in protecting or repairing an engine. These metal auto parts are also used to restore a particular part of an engine which is being affected by a crack or damage. Cylinder sleeves are even used to prevent and provide some strength to the engine to withstand high pressure.

Diesel engines are the one kind of engines that are most commonly featured with the applications of cylinder sleeves as in comparison to other types of engines, Diesel engines are more powerful and have high performance and therefore are needed to be protected from the high pressures.

Thus, Cylinder Sleeves are essential engine parts that are used in order to provide strength to the engines and Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturers complete their part with perfection. There are two different types of cylinder sleeves: Dry Sleeves and Wet Sleeves. Both of them are quite different from each other and also have their own application areas and uses.

Dry Sleeves are the one which is mostly used in aluminum automotive engines. They are placed or fitted into a bore of a block. These dry sleeves are in contact with both aluminum bore and the coolant contacting the bore as the heat produced by the aluminum bore gets transferred to the coolant through the medium of the dry sleeve.

The dry sleeve installed do not get in contact with the coolant as it is installed in the wall of the cooling jacket in the block of the cylinder. Whereas when a wet sleeve is installed it comes in a contact with the coolant. Wet sleeves are used where there is a gap between the engine block and the liner provide some cooling to the engine. Therefore, they are used as cooling passages and are also known as Water Jacket Sleeves.

Wet Sleeves are also considered to provide better cooling and temperature distribution as they are in direct contact with the coolant. In addition to this, Dry Sleeves have much thinner walls as compared to the Wet Sleeves.

The manufacturing process of sleeves consists of the combination of various raw materials like Iron, Steel, scrap material of Iron, and Cast Iron. All these materials are used in proper proportional according to the need of the product that in which vehicle and engine it is going to be used. The correct formula for the ratio of the mixture of these raw materials is needed as different vehicles have their own characteristics and it depends on their properties that which matching components should be used.

The mixture of the raw material is heated under the controlled electric supply with high ampere and low voltage for a specific time period and till the melting temperature reaches to the range from 1400 to 2000. For the manufacturing of Cylinder Sleeves samples, firstly samples are prepared according to their use and tested for the same. Thus, in this way Cylinder Sleeves are manufactured by Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturers and used widely in the industry.