Brass Parts

Brass is one of the most desirable alloys and the popularity is because it is used for manufacturing a range of items that vary from furnishing hardware to decorative items. The qualities of brass are well-known and these do not require a lot of explanation. In brief, brass has gold-like appearance, anti-corrosive and anti-weather properties, heavy-duty structure. That’s why as a raw material, brass enhances each product with all its qualities.

It is a no brainer to choose brass as the raw material for a lot of parts and accessories. But, it does not mean that you choose brass products blindly. It is important to check for a few things irrespective of the brass part, you are looking for. Brass parts manufacturers in India offer an extensive variety and have a good experience in exporting brass parts world over. Here are a list of things that you should check for before buying brass parts.

Raw Material Grade:

Just because it is brass, it does not have to be good. Brass is available in different grades where the Zinc and Copper are used in different proportions to achieve desired qualities. Also, some countries have specific requirements in terms of importing brass parts. So, the best thing is to check with quality with brass parts manufacturers and also with your country’s requirements.

Specification Precision:

This is an absolute must if you are buying machine parts from a foreign vendor. Usually brass parts manufacturers are experts and they do not make mistakes here because of the processes involved. But, it is always better to be sure at first place than worry at a later stage. Make sure you ask for samples and approve them before proceeding. You should also make use of Software like AutoCAD for designing for precision.


Depending on your application of brass products, check for enhancements like the finish. At times, you might be purchasing brass parts for internal plumbing or electrical fittings and the finish would not matter much. In this case, you might opt for a plating to enhance properties but more or less finish is not that important. However, if you are buying decorative items, finish is an absolute must.


You would be wondering what this is all about and why is this in the list. The fact is that sometimes, brass alternatives like stainless steel, copper, etc. make a better choice than brass. This is very specific to your use. The good part is that brass parts manufacturers also deal in items made from stainless steel as well. The only reason for including this in the list is to run it across your mind before you make a choice.

These simple considerations can help you choose the best brass part to suit your purpose. If you are brass part dealer or consumer and have something to add to this list, we would love to hear from you. Please share your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.