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Recently launched smart phone by Apple is iphone 6 galaxy 4 is the perfect phone to qualify for Clash of titans. Galaxy note 4 is not only a bigger display phone but it is also featured with S Pen which allows you to operate on it with ease and comfort. Unlike other brands, Samsung stands alone in terms of touch experience. Besides affordable Samsung galaxy note 4 in NEW ZEALAND, you can shop with stress and scam free as well. So, why not shop in now and avail first come first discount?

It is felt that it is now pivotal and irresistible to know amazing features of Samsung galaxy note 4 prices in Auckland. To begin with, the first and foremost amazing feature of the phone is highly enhanced camera of 16 mega pixels which allows you to capture best photographs and selfish as well. The significant upgrade features from previous model are bigger LED display, auto focus, and optical image stabilization. 32 GB of internal memory, 3 GB RAM, 3.7 mega pixels front-facing camera, and super AMOLED touch screen.

All above features are the testimony of the best phone available. To further compare features, you may go online to understand them. It is highly recommended that you buy discounted Samsung galaxy note 4 price in Auckland if you want to have a latest technology. So, what else are you thinking about? Latest technology is brought to you on affordable prices. Samsung believes in best products and customer satisfaction.

Apple’s latest unharnessed highlighted the company’s new targets into the pill Smartphone market with the iPhone half-dozen and. Their biggest smartphone ever made showed a keen interest in competitive with a significant competition, Samsung, United Nations agency recently discharged the Galaxy Note four. To choose that device belongs in your pocket, we tend to compare their key options in a much summarized review.

Design and Build

Both smart phones hold on to the flexibility to be used in one hand while not having to decision within the alternative. Samsung have ditched the utilization of plastic for a front casing associated opted for an atomic number 13 build, golf shot it nearer in style terms to the Apple iPhone, giving it that a lot of required smoothness. Whereas the iPhone half-dozen and may be a very little taller than the Note four, it’s considerably diluting, giving it the general near comfort. Wherever the Note four will win is with its removable back cowl, permitting straightforward service and battery replacement.

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