SEO Strategy 2018

With every passing year, digital marketing agencies around the globe come up with better SEO strategies to help their clients improve their search rankings and make their sites more user-friendly. As a result, the presence of such websites on the internet and on social media platforms has increased by leaps and bounds.

This was achieved by making use of some of the best SEO strategies available. Here is a list of some result-oriented SEO strategies which have been suggested by the best SEO companies in Chennai and surrounding areas –

Optimizing Voice Search
Voice searches today account for nearly 20% of all internet searches and is only on the rise. What has contributed to its manifold increase are advancements in technologies such as voice recognition and activation.

To optimize this advancement to the fullest, SEO companies in Chennai and surrounding areas suggest the usage of long-tail keywords and actual sentences in place of keywords that consist of phrases and related words. Voice-based searches also work better when your content is found in Google’s Featured Snippet. It is best to ensure that the question, inquiries, and their related answers are on the same page as Google values such websites more, as it ensures that users get results instantly.

Utilizing Long-Tail Keywords
Long-tail keywords according to SEO company in Chennai is known to generate less traffic as compared to short-tail keywords. However, the less traffic has better conversion rates. This is because these keywords have specific searches and have less competition compared to similar keywords. With more number of users opting for long-tail keywords, it is best to optimize the keywords according to the needs of the users.

Long-tail keywords may not be as competitive, but they provide better search volume and also have a better cost per click rates. Thus, if this is combined with a good link building strategy, your website would search higher on the results page.

Going Mobile
In the past few years, the number of mobile users has witnessed a steady rise and is only supposed to increase. Also, a majority of the searches on Google are conducted using mobile devices which only indicates the importance of having a mobile page. Thus, it is best to have your website optimized for viewing on mobile devices as soon as possible.

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To do that, the first step would be to apply responsive design to the website. This goes a long way in bettering user experience and thus users stay for a longer amount of time on the website. To achieve that, a few changes in the code needs to be done. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are the next steps towards bettering the performance of and loading time of pages.

Going to Position 0
The most sought-after position on a Google search page is Position 0. This is where most of the users get their information from and Google always ensures that the users get the answers to their queries at the earliest. To feature on the first page, all that needs to be done is optimization.

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To achieve that, consider answering the questions to who, what, where, etc. as the queries of most of the users tends to be centered around these questions. Answering these will not only help you get to the top but also helps in getting the voice results as well according to SEO companies. It is also recommended that a schema markup is used on the website and shortening the URL with something which is more readable.

2018 will herald in new trends and strategies so far as SEO is concerned. Thus, it is best to remain prepared with strong and effective strategies which would take you to the top of the search results page.

Micheal Anderson is an SEO expert and blogger by hobby, currently, he is working with Techmagnate that is known as a reliable digital marketing agency in Delhi, India.