Calcium is known to strengthen our bone health. But it has got a wide range of benefits as well. A good level of calcium in the body ensures healthy functioning of nerves, cells and muscles along with bone health. If the blood does not get enough calcium, doctors say that it extracts necessary calcium from the bones, thereby weakening them.

If you have been suggested by your physician to consume calcium citrate supplements, ensure that you are consuming them from one of the leading manufacturers and do not forget to check the expiry dates. It is always advisable to consume those which are far from their expiry dates than those which are closer.

Benefits of Calcium Citrate Supplements

There are several reasons why physicians suggest calcium citrate supplements to the patients, as described below:

It is used to treat critical illness resulting out of low calcium levels like bone loss known as osteoporosis, weak bones known as osteomalacia or rickets, hypoparathyroidism defined by decreased levels of functioning of the parathyroid gland, and a typical muscle disease known as latent tetany.

Calcium citrate supplements are also offered to critical patients like those who are pregnant, or going through menopausal phase, or those who are getting nursed for any critical illness, also those who are going through severe medications like phenytoin, phenobarbital, or prednisone. These medications may be necessary to cure them but it drains the patients of the necessary and existing calcium levels.

Generally it is women who need a lot of calcium to keep healthy and strong. Women are generally prescribed by doctors to consume calcium citrate supplements from the age of 30 to maintain an optimum calcium levels in the blood and bone. Not only pregnancy, but menopausal phase drains the women folk of calcium. It is one big reason why the complaints of knee pain, backaches and shoulder pains continue to drain them over time. These are early symptoms when they occur regularly, triggering you to consume enough calcium for a healthy functioning as you grow with time and family.

Different Forms of Calcium Citrate Supplements

Make sure you adhere to all guidelines laid down by your physician while you have been prescribed with calcium citrate supplements. This includes whether to consume them before or after your meals, gap between meals and the calcium citrates etc. However if your doctor has prescribed a dosage of more than 600 milligrams, you should divide it throughout the day for better absorption.

Now, coming to the different forms that are available with these calcium citrate supplements, the first type is the chewable form. Here all you need to be careful about is that chewing it well and then swallow for complete absorption. If you are consuming an effervescent tablet form of the calcium citrate supplements, do not swallow it! Allow it to dissolve completely in water and then drink the solution. If you are consuming a liquid form or powder form of the calcium citrates, use a measuring spoon to ensure you are consuming the right dosages as suggested by your physician.

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Share all your health records and allergic substances (if any) with your doctor so that you get the right advice.