When it comes to cakes, it can always cheer up someone. Suppose one is having a bad day and they need some mood upliftment then a cake can be of great help. It can brighten and lighten the taste buds and makes one really happy. That is why; it is indeed one of the most popular desserts around the world.

Endless varieties of cakes are available these days. People can choose from the flavours to the icings and decorations as well, for cake delivery online, one can also order cake from the popular online cake sites.

When it comes to baking, it is also a kind of stress release. When one decides to bake an absolute delicious cake they always feel a kind of happiness inside them. Also when one bakes on their own, it also means that one gets to choose their desired flavours and favourite ingredients and so turn the cake into something which they would love to have. One can also put the icing according to their choice.

Most of the cakes are made with eggs which help them to become fluffy in nature. But one can also bring that same fluffiness in cakes if they do not want to use eggs into it. In fact, this same texture can be brought into cakes by using apple sauce, bananas, yogurt, and vinegar with baking soda or silken tofu instead of using eggs. There are some things that one should remember, while baking a cake at home. In fact, if one is familiar with these baking secrets, then they can end up baking a cake with a lot of variations.

Here are some major tips for cake baking:

  • In order to maintain the right texture of the cake, one needs to keep the oil or the butter for some extra time and the sugar that is supposed to be used, has to be more airy. One has to beat the batter till it becomes fluffy and light but again one has to be extra careful that they should not overdo it. If one do it more, then the cake can sink in while the baking process.
  • One should never add all the dry ingredients together in the batter. This can deflate the batter and so it is always a good idea to combine all the dry ingredients separately and then add the mixture to it little by little. After that, one can fold in all the dry ingredients gently in order to maintain the airy texture.
  • When one is baking an eggless sponge cake then it is best to remove it from the mould once one takes it out from the oven. This is because cooling it for too long can make it flat and dense.
  • If one is using vinegar or lime juice as an ingredient then always add it at the end.

These are a few tricks that one should never forget while baking. However for personalised birthday cakes, one can always order online.