Do you get tickly throat? Have you been diagnosed with a viral infection? You feel irritated when you have dry cough which has no mucus or phlegm. If you have been suffering from the flu, cold, or other viral infections, then you will likely to get dry cough. Throat irritants and allergies could also be the reasons of dry cough. It is necessary to treat dry cough as soon as possible. The nagging cough will not make you sleep or work properly. If you have already been using a cough syrup which does not give you a relief from cough, then you should switch to Torex cough syrup. It is an Ayurvedic syrup which is designed for patients who are prone to dry cough. Run your eyes through to know more about the syrup in the following lines.

Note about dry cough

When the mucus or irritants get blocked in the airway of your throat, then you get bout of dry cough. Having dry cough can affect your sleep, as it gets aggravated at night. Phlegm or mucus does not produce in dry cough; therefore, it is non-productive. In children, dry cough is termed as acute cough which lasts for two weeks. In adults, dry cough can be consistent and can the duration of dry cough could be for more than eight weeks.

Can dry cough worsen?

Certain conditions can be responsible for aggravating dry cough. The reasons of worsening your dry cough are air pollution, a sudden change in weather, breathing cold air, inhalation of smoke, dust of tobacco and excessive voice use. Constant coughing can lead to interrupted sleep. Excessive coughing fits can make a person puke. Your head can hurt due to repeatedly coughing.

The diagnosis of dry cough will take place depending on the symptoms, age and past medical record of a patient. Your health care practitioner may ask you to do medical test of your chest, allergies and throat before starting the treatment. Get the highly recommended herbal cough syrup from Torex cough syrup company.

Why Torex cough syrup?

Whenever people have fits of dry cough, they have Torex cough syrup and have found it extremely useful in treating dry cough instantly. This Ayurvedic cough syrup has 20 vital selected herbs which soothe dry cough without creating any side effects. The syrup is ideal for adults and children. The essential natural properties such as tulsi and honey make the taste of syrup good for consumption. The reasons of adding honey and tulsi in the syrup are to make the patient relief quickly from chest congestion, inflammation, allergies and suppress cough at once.

Ayurvedic ingredients in syrup

The prominent herbal ingredients which are used in the Torex cough syrup for dry cough are Banafsha, Talispatra, Pippali, Yashtimadhu, Kulanjan, Sunthi, Kantkari, Vasa, Jatiphal, Draksha, Guggulu, Aamlaki, Kali mirch, Pudina, Tejpatra and other Ayurvedic herbs. Use water while having this cough syrup. This cough syrup is easily accessible in the eminent online healthcare centre. Pay affordable price to purchase the product.

Get lasting relief from the consistent dry cough fits by having a regular use of Torex cough syrup.