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Do you know what an essay is? An essay is a well-researched and rationally structured answer to a particular question or questions usually presented as an argument(s). An essay is a point of view that is formulated by critically evaluating the ideas or information pertinent to the essay topic.

It is depicted in the form of a series of main points supporting your direct answer to the question. An essay is not that tough as it sounds, still, there are students who do not want to do the essay writing the task on their own, and ask others: Will you do my essay fast? Will you write my essay for me?

Each of the main points of an essay is expressed in the separate body paragraph, and it is backed up with the shreds of evidence or reasons or examples. Students need to support arguments in their essays by referencing authorities in the relevant field.

The argument of an essay must form a cohesive whole that means that paragraphs should be logically ordered, and you can do that by utilizing transition sentences in an essay. You can also say that essay writing is a very interesting task.

Essays are assessment tool, and they evaluate your ability to research a topic and construct an argument, in addition to your understanding of the subject content. An essay is a recall of everything that your lecturer has said throughout the course. An essay is your opportunity to explore in more depth aspects of the course – theories, texts, issues, etc. – and in certain cases; relate these aspects to a particular context. An essay is your chance to vocalize your ideas, but in a certain way using the formal academic style.

You need to take into consideration the institutional context (the university) and your audience (that will be reading your essay) in any type of writing or presentation. These things influence the tone and style of your writing. In many cases, your writing needs to be formal and typically objective. This means your essays should be free from colloquial expressions, cliches, abbreviations. Students write their essays for their tutors and lecturer.

In other words, students are in an uncomfortable position while writing about a topic as their tutors and lecturers have more knowledge about the subject. So, students write an essay for people who are familiar with the essay content, besides the conventions and practices of the discipline. In a nutshell, it is anticipated that students acclimatize their writing to suit this context.

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