Artificial intelligence is a philosophy where machines possess an ability to think. Basically it reveals intelligence of machines. In the last few years the concept of AI has gained a lot of prominence. Whether it is a blessing or curse to human existence is still a point of debate. Researchers want an emotional quotient of AI in telecom sector, in consortium with human intelligence. By now all of us have an idea on what AI is and how it can help a business.

With discovery of computers the process to undertake manual task has reduced to a considerable extent. Computers are part and parcel of every sector and human beings are dependent upon them. Since we are surrounded by machines the question that comes to our mind is” Can machines think and act in the same manner as human beings do”

The benefits emerging from AI

By nature AI is a complex process. A complicated mixture of maths, computer science along with other sciences is used. With the help of complex programming, this helps to replace the cognitive tasks of human beings.

Reduction of errors

AI helps to cut down on errors and accuracy can be interpreted with a high degree of precision. In the domain of various fields it has found its use especially in exploration of space. Intelligent robots are embedded with information and they are sent out to space for exploring information. As they are metal bodies they are resistant and are in a position to cope up with the hostile environment. They are formulated in such a manner that they cannot be disintegrated in any manner. This is the same concept that works   as far as AI in Telecom companies is concerned.

Difficult exploration

The science of AI can be put to use in data mining and complex process. The set of complex machines can go on to explore the ocean floor and by doing so can overcome human limitations. Because of the programing of robots they can go on to perform complex tasks, and with responsibility work in a hard way. In addition they are not prone to wear and tear.

Day to day application

Computer methods of reasoning, automation have become a part and parcel of our lives. An ideal example in this regard is we are hitting the road for a long drive with a GPS. This smartphone seems to be an ideal example of how artificial intelligence is used. Banks along with financial institutions use AI helping them to organize and manage data. Even detection of fraud becomes a lot easy with an artificial intelligence management system.

Repetitive jobs

The nature of repetitive jobs is that they are monotonous, and with AI they can be carried out easily. Machines can be put to multi- tasking as they can end up thinking faster than human beings. To perform dangerous tasks, machine intelligence can be employed. Unlike humans the parameters can be adjusted.

A notable feature about AI is that as compared to human beings, they do not need any breaks.