Some people believe that writing a fiction novel is easier than writing non-fiction books, and some people have opposite thoughts about that. Writing a book, no matter of which category, fiction or non-fiction, is doubtlessly one of the most difficult jobs that some people accomplish very beautifully and cherish their triumph, and some people actually face major catastrophe several times before they could actually reach the mountain top.

People who wish to write the fiction novel are people with extraordinary minds, and they have an exceptional bunch of thoughts to come up with a unique and incomparable story that neither exists in real life and still sound like a real-life tale. But, there are many people who in spite of having brilliant thoughts and aptitude for writing a fiction novel, couldn’t manage to get their book published successfully.

If anyone wants to follow the helpful tips to be able to write a perfect fiction novel and get it published, then they can check out the following helpful tips.

Explore Your Area of Expertise

Some people have talent in writing the non-fiction, but they think that they are good at writing fiction, and they face great failure when they attempt to write it. Due to such reasons, it is essential that a writer should know their specialty before they make an attempt to write a fiction novel.

Create a Story line First

The most important thing that is needed to be done for getting a successful fiction novel published is to create the storyline in the beginning and set the goals to achieve so that a writer could stay within the defined limits.

Decide the Characters Before You Start to Write

Characters are the central part of any story as they are the backbone of the novel, and without it would not be possible to show any action in the story. But, it does not mean that a writer should keep creating new characters as the story goes on. All the characters and their persona should be decided in the beginning so that it would be easier to bring an end to every character properly.

Use the Appropriate Tool for Writing

Since we are living in such a high digitalized world, it would be craziness to write the story on the piece of paper, and it is not like that one only has to use the notepad to write the novel. There are many suitable platforms that could help out the writers in their writing.

Create a Schedule & Follow It to Meet Deadlines

People think that writing novel is their own personal work, so it does not have a deadline, and they can do the work whenever they want to do it; this will only be a setup for a big failure. The best practice would be to decide on a deadline and create a schedule to maintain.

Keep Reader’s Standpoint In Mind

A novel is there to provide entertainment to the readers more than the information about anything, so the audience truly plays a vital role in making a fiction novel successful. It is highly important that a writer should keep the point of view of the readers in mind so that they could create the story in a way that could attract the readers easily.

Do Not Plan on Taking Long Breaks

The most common mistake that writers often neglect is that instead of taking brief pauses, they take long breaks which eventually had them lose interest in writing, or they find some other interesting work or hobby to pursue rather than focusing on the novel. Such actions either lead them to give up on their novel, or they hire the ghost writers to do the work. Now, we all know that how much ghost writer cost, so it will become a problem for some writers and they will only be left with one option and that is giving up on the novel.


Fiction writers or people who believe that they have the ability to write an epic fiction novel should give it a try, but after they get proper learning and tips to write a successful novel. With the handy tips mentioned aforehand, it could become easier for the writers to publish their fiction novel successfully.