Showe Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t always mean that you have to change the everything. It can be as easy as replacing a faucet or light fixture, wallpapering, or adding drapes. Explore some of the latest bathroom trends that you will see everywhere in 2018. They are cost effective as well as stays forever in your bathroom as the most trending thing you have in your bathroom.

Matte Black Fixtures

The shine is not of the warm metals, particularly uncoated brass that changes over the time. However, people have shifted away from the bright and moved towards matte looks. Dark fixtures in a matte finish have always been a piece of attraction for every bathroom. They prove to be the best contrast against white countertops. To get a better idea about the fixtures, talk to the contractor from one of the best shower remodeling companies in Saratoga Springs NY. They have the experience to provide you with the best ideas for your baths.


Though wall papers are not a new thing, they add beauty to your baths like nothing else. Overblown florals in inky shades have grabbed a lot of attention but the trends have shifted to abstract repeats that are influenced by brushstrokes, watercolors or fine art prints. Go for such wallpapers and make your baths look amazing forever.

Bold Scones

Fixtures are a great part of any bathroom remodeling so choose them wisely. In earlier days, people do not bother much about the fixtures designs and finishes. However, now the people are turning towards polished pieces. The warm brass globe scones pack a punch and balance the dull wall color and the floor.


Window treatment is very necessary for some bathrooms and if your bathrooms have enough space, do not miss the chance you make the best use out of this. One of the best options is sheers doubled with lush, floor-to-ceiling drapes. They give an amazing feeling of softness, warmth, and luxury.

Floor and Wall Tiles

From the start of this year, we have been observing the color blocked tiles in many bathrooms as a major trend. However, mixed tiles are in the same way looks elegant in any bathroom. One of the common trends that we have seen in 2018 is a mix of white penny rounds and honeycomb tiles that define the space. With cheap remodeling service in Saratoga Springs NY, you can avail all such trends to make your bathrooms amazing.

Bathroom furniture

Bath furniture can be one of the highlights that make your space beautiful. Go for a standing closet in your bathroom if it has space. For such closets, antiques always work. Choose a simple design that is easy to keep and is less expensive.

Artistic Touch

Making your bathroom an art gallery can be a great idea. The renovated bathroom, the herringbone floor, and white walls create a gallery-like setting for a framed works. This gives your bathroom an aesthetic appeal.

So, let your remodeling be one of the best experience you have ever. Adopt the latest trends and make your space luxurious and stylish.