Most of the tools available online these days for video downloading do not work properly. Most of these sites have the restriction because of the content of the copyright and other reasons are that the tools are either too slow or they do not provide the best video quality. If you want something that can solve all these issues then we suggest you can use Vidmate app. This application can help you quickly and easily download your desired songs and videos from multiple sites.

Features of the Application

Download from All Apps

Everyone loves watching videos on YouTube. That involves history, drama, educational, entertainment and political videos which brighten up your day. Mostly there is buffering and quality issue when you are watching a video online. So, to address all your problems, you can download Vidmate app. Vidmate free download gives you the best application that takes low space on your mobile phone. You can download videos on your phone from various applications like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Metacafe, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. All you have to do is to use the YouTube bookmark or search for the videos in the explore section. The downloaded videos will not buffer and will have high picture quality.

All Multimedia

You can have a Television experience in Vidmate. You can download any series, movie, music or any video from any app. When you open the Vidmate app, all you need to do is to get into the trending videos section which will show you the desired results.

User Interface

On most of the sites, downloading content is a tiresome task and you will not want to download the content at all after some browses. The ‘download’ button does not even redirect to the download option and direct us elsewhere. But with Vidmate app, downloading is easy. All that the user needs to do is to copy the URL of the video’s link and paste it in the application’s UI. A search browser is provided for the user comfort which will get the search results quickly, just by typing the keywords.

Meme Maker

The application also gives an option of viewing, making and sharing memes.

Multi-Platform Friendly

The app is available on most of the platforms except IOS and in few days it will be on IOS too.


When downloading from an unauthorized site your device might hang or not work for some time.  Vidmate app helps you download content from trusted sites that gives security to your system and prevents viruses and malware. Also if you do not want anybody else to get access to your videos then you can secure your videos with a passcode.


It is the best version of video downloading. Vidmate app takes care of its users and has a friendly User interface with high download speed and great video quality. The application allows you to download content completely free of charge on your Smartphone or PC. The app uses advanced technology that helps you get the maximum capacity of your Internet speed taking the most minimum space. With this app, you can visit any site any download whichever content you like.