If there is one thing which can almost instantly alleviate your interior décor scene then it has to be the earthly yet classy natural fibre rugs!

They work best by defining spaces and developing an interface which adds the element of comfort and warmth to the residential as well as official settings. Natural fibres with their rusty demeanor and high level of sustainability are constantly rising the popularity charts. From Sisal carpet to the jute rugs and more, they seem to be rage everywhere.

There are so many reasons why natural rugs click, we have listed the major ones as under for you.

  1. Naturally lighten your room: It is hard to imagine a room without the sophisticated laminate floorings in typical dark shades. However, the same laminates can also make your room look a bit dark and gloomy because of the colour.

By introducing an earthy and rusty toned natural fibre rug in your interior setup, you can instantly add the element of contrast, which can make the place look lively, and lit up.

  1. Hide those imperfections: A crooked tile or an uncanny breakage peeping right out of your living room or a bedroom floor can never be a pleasing sight to look at. However, we have a clever solution to cover that as well.

All you need to do is simply place a beautiful jute or sisal carpet on the affected area and you are good to go. We recommend you to choose a bit plush and soft natural fibres option though so that you do not feel the discomfort or uneven surface while walking barefoot over the carpet.

  1. Happy end to the cleaning woes: Did you accidentally spill a glass full of the wine on your favourite carpet or your baby just shredded a toilet roll into pieces right on top of your jute rug? If it were a bare floor, certainly there would have been a big task in waiting which needed a full preparation with a broom, mop, big bin bag, dustpan and what not.

However, just because it is a natural rug, the mess is much easier to clean! For the dry spills, your good old vacuum is enough to take the heat off in no time. Most of the natural fibre carpets can take on the small spills easily- A tissue or a clean absorbing cloth is enough to lift the moisture.

We highly recommend you to invest in the glazed seagrass or sisal carpet and other such rug options though. Here the natural fibre is insulated and thus provides extra protection especially in case of major spills. You could also purchase Special glazing liquids available in the market to coat your favourite rug.

  1. Protecting Wooden Floor: We all know how expensive and coveted hardwood floors are. No wonder, they deserve extra care and protection from your side, especially in the areas with heavy footfall.

Providing a cover of the beautiful and contrasting natural fibre carpet will not only protect the floors but will also add the element of warmth to it.

Floorspace Natural fibre rugs not only look classy but they come laden with so many benefits too. Get one for you home now and see the place transforming beautifully.